Universe perimeter "race"

You hardly get to the outer edge of the mapped universe, let alone into every corner! But since I began in 2005 I’ve had the occasional urge to put every system on the outer perimeter into the “Systems I’ve visited” statistic. And more-so do it in 1 adventure.

Has anyone plotted this route?
Classic map seems to show the actual ‘perimeter’ better.

Is there a simple way to add all those as waypoints (not destination) using ESI etc. Or would you just plot it into every dead end on the rim as a “best guess”?

Gate camps should be almost non-existent while on the edge and Intel would be out paced.
Also looking for ship/fit ideas. I’m looking at malediction atm:

[Malediction, Dagger PHP’s Malediction]
Warp Core Stabilizer I
Damage Control II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Multispectrum Coating II

Small Inefficient Hull Repair Unit
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Interdiction Nullifier I
[Empty High slot]
Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing II

Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer x1
Mobile Depot x1
Synthetic Coffee

Cheap and fast. probably don’t need any reps if caught, but if you escape it’s fixable in hostile space for another encounter.

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Using Dotlan as a guide the route would include these Regions:

Cobalt Edge
Outer Passage
Paragon Soul
Period Basis
Outer Ring
Cloud Ring

But once you dig down, it gets crazy complicated to where you might as well just hit every system.

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When I first came back from my hiatus I did this but only managed 3/4 around the universe, as at the time there was a seige going on in the last Goon constellation and I didn’t think my chances good enough to survive to keep hugging the perimeter down there.

(I did it in an Incursus, wouldn’t recommend that hull though)

EDIT: Judging my my “Systems I’ve visited” personal map, it looks like I did 1/2 not 3/4. I started in Detorid and went north and counter-clockwise. Not all the systems I visted were kept though, but I can tell I struggled with the Tenal region and by the time I made it to Outer Ring, stopped.

Edit2: Ah yeah there was a sov eviction going on in Branch at the time so I didn’t manage to visit the KWCZ-A constellation there either and I just cut straight to Deklein.


I did this a long time ago, in a helios. You are right, the classic map is better for planning this.

I never warped gate to gate, unless in an empty system. I always travelled to gates at an angle.

I also misclicked my jump, in Fountain, got flustered, ended up misclicking the jump again and got challenged to a duel by a local.

I mention this cause actually at the time I did this, people were chatty out on the edge. I had a couple of convos along the way.

As best I remember I ended up doing over 400 jumps, the whole trip took over eight hours, in total, and I had a wonderful time.

Timing is everything. I used to smuggle lots of stuff out of npc null during the broadcasts of Game of Thrones in my country, cause most of my EVE opposition was home glued to watching that show. So, if you can time your trip to a sporting event, entertainment show, whatever…that will occupy the attention of the local EVE residents, whose territory you’ll be travelling through, travelling will be easier.

I did my initial planning by loading the “choke point” systems, and from there, once on site, plotted my route.

If I were to to this again, to avoid lowsec gate camps, I would also take advantage of Thera’s wormhole connections and use the EVE Scout’s intel to put me right on the “edge” to begin.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:


Do you think a regular shuttle would do the job for such route if I plan no mining/offensive actions and sightseeing only? I know it can still be insta-locked with some advanced fits.

It would do the job and is no isk loss to gate camps, they’ll get bored by the time you’re back again.
I survived an instalock using a warp core stab yesterday trying this out just blasting gates without any regard :smile:

I was reminded of how important the server tick is also: https://imperium.news/understanding-eve-online-server-tick/

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@Elinore_en_Divalone you could probably do it in a shuttle; but, for my part, I would not recommend it.

And my reasoning is thus: I like playing “tourist” when I travel, and I found lots of interesting things to explore out on the “edge”. Things to just take my time and look at. Having a cloak capable ship gave me the option to dawdle and explore those things. But, a circumnavigation attempt of New Eden is for most players, I imagine, a once in a game lifetime event, and having to bypass satisfying your curiosity, because you didn’t travel with a cloak (if you could have) leads to what I like to call the “what ifs”, and I hate “what ifs”.

Now, having said that, I’m more experienced in the game, and have seen much more of it now, so there aren’t as many “wonders”, for me, as there was then.

So, in the end, it’s a personal decision. A shuttle could do it, if the pilot is careful; but, travel and sightsee leisurely? Maybe.

Because, out on the edge there…be…dragons.


it will work, however here and there you will land on smartbombing battleships camping a gate and you will die. Not very frequent but still happens, specially on some routes with high traffic toward hi-sec for example

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You don’t need to step into low or high sec at all. pod express goes to a nullsec corp home station and if sticking to that outer rim you’re not in camped routes. Sure there are still some pipes that complicate travel so they could be camped, but if they’re reacting to intel you might have blown past them before anyone’s in a ship to meet you.
It worked OK the other day doing 50+ jumps up in the NE corners, maybe twice I ran out of bravery and cloaked to assess the risk. But even a gate with a corvette sat watching it I ignored (it was camped the other side) didn’t deter me and I survived :smile:

If you do die, then there’s a point that you might shoot across the whole map to get back to near where you left off. OR if you move alliances a fair bit, you might eventually do it all.

I know there’s a million and one ways to die; but it eventually just boils down to JUST GO FAST! There’s no other point to the journey and pausing for every potential risk will make it last 1000x longer.

I might play with needlejacks to get around though, randomness might just work in my favour over a year. I’m ignoring the aspect of wormholes for now.

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