University Planets and Production of Skill Books

Game-play Mechanics for Production of Skill Books

Currently, Skill books are seeded into the game by NPCs, and sometimes seeded as loot. I think one of EVE’s strong points are player-generated assets and find that this might be a lost opportunity. If players were able to produce Skill books, then a new career opportunity could open, for teachers and instructors, at different levels (Primary attribute: Intelligence, Secondary attribute: Charisma).

Low-level skills could be learned (“bought”) from just about anyone, but the more advanced the skills, they would need to be bought by players (teachers) with higher teaching skills. (Who doesn’t want to be Yoda?) And as a “home” for NPC (and also player) teachers, I would suggest using specialized space-located facilities, such as Universities, Colleges, Research Facilities, Engineering Schools, Medical Facilities, Teaching Schools, Naval Academies, etc.

Skill books are one of the primary ways for CCP to remove isk from the system, so I don’t see this happening.

I don’t think this will prevent them from removing ISK, but even if it was, I’m sure there are opportunities here for additional ways of removing ISK. It is common to have to pay a fee to educational institutions, and teachers/instructors could simply be taxed for their services.

It might be a fun idea but CCP need a way as said before to balance the isk entering against isk being removed, or you get inflation/deflation. Skill books are part of that. Even if you add some fees around it, it will not be equal to the current value (if it is either books go up in price, or no one does it).

the only way to make it worth it for players to do and still sink the same amount of isk the end price of skill books would have to be increased. I don’t think that is needed. Also how do you handle the fact that we can now remote inject the skill books from thin air.

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