What happened to being able to create skillbooks?

(Rachel Syne) #1

If I recall few years ago it was mentioned by a dev that at some point players will be able to create implants and skillbooks, was that idea scrapped?We could really use more sinks for minerals.

(Daoden) #2

Have you not seen structures and the rig material costs??

(Do Little) #3

You can manufacture Ascendancy implants. Blueprint copies and unique materials can be found in ghost sites. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ghost_Sites

I’d be happy to see similar mechanics for other named implant sets but standard implants and skillbooks provide a useful ISK sink and, in my opinion, the game needs ISK sinks far more than it needs material sinks. Material oversupply is self limiting - the price will drop to the point where the activity simply isn’t worth doing.

(Vudra Keerah) #4

ty- I had not known this.