Move more Blueprints and Skillbooks to Explorer loot / Anywere else

I’ve recently began to explore Wormhole and null sites. The isk value is okay but the loot itself is disappointing I expected some fancy items. Same to some extend with Highsec Sites.

There’re plenty of Skillbooks and Blueprints who get sold by NPCs thus prevent that the player economy builds around them. It’s disappointing to be exited about a Skillbook dropping only to discover it gets sold by NPCs for 100 or 30k. I don’t know the exact loot tables so there probably are Books and Blueprints which doesn’t even drop and are only sold by NPCs. I would like to find them in the universe myself.

I’m guessing NPCs sell these things to make a smooth start for new players possible and thats why they’re so cheap. First of all I don’t think the Blueprints and Skillbooks have to be that cheap but when they have to, this could be adjusted by droprates.

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you must be blind and ignorant. There is a flourishing economy around blueprints and skillbooks. In contrast, blueprints and skillbooks that you get from exploration sites are generally not worth the effort of looting them (look at the Encryption skills, for instance).

Guessed wrong. They are sold by NPC to remove ISK out of the economy.

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