Unlimited halcyon booster

I dont have enough of the free Halcyon boosters to PVP on my main. I mean its kind of silly to PVP without them due to margins being razor thin and 3% increase in HP, resist and damage is what can tip the balance of a fight. So why bother PVPing if i dont have a halcyon booster? I wonder if other people feel the same way. If thats the case, if the point of the free boosters for logging in was to get people to play more, CCP have accomplished the opposite it seems due to only getting 1-2 halcyon boosters per week and thus ppl only pvping 1-2 times per week

Use normal boosters that players build. These Halcyons are a gateway drug to hook players on the booster needle and make them buy the actual real deal booster. Of course, since Halcyons are so good, CCP achieves the opposite, but that’s besides the point.

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