New and old event boosters

It would be great if the developers introduced a new type of event boosters, which will slightly (15%, 25%, 35%) increase the chance of items dropping from players in pvp. In my opinion, the idea is very good. What do you think?

Also, for a long time there were no boosters for increasing relationships. I would like to know if they will ever be, or will they be finished once and for all?

As far as I can remember the Glamourex boosters for increased standings gain is usually only given during 1 event each year. (I think during the Guardian’s Gala) If you wait a few months until it comes around again you might get the boosters again :slight_smile:

Personally I think PVP loot drop boosters is a bad idea. During the last Crimson Harvest there was an inherent 90% pvp loot drop chance, and during another event there is usually a 90% chance in wormholes. This negates the need for boosters.

Believe me, we with the USIA are waiting on the glam boosters to return, business is booming

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