Unpopular Opinion: Upwell Structure logistical power is way too OP

Unpopular Opinion Time!

Since they were Introduced, Upwell Structures have been great, its nice you can dock in them, they’re much easier to fit, set up, ect, then POSs ever were.

But at the same time, they’re significantly more OP from a logistical standpoint then POSs ever were, why? Because they have unlimited storage space.

When you look at POSs, you could only fit so much in terms of hangar and storage space to a POS, but with upwell structures you have no such limits, to me thats kind of broken, you can store infinitely more assets in a single astrahus then you could ever do in a POS.

But significantly less powerful than an outpost which could never be destroyed.
They are not a POS substitute, they are a new thing part way between POS & Outposts, and also have far less firepower than a POS

The fix, naturally, obviously and completely is to Remove Asset Safety

At which point the final null war happens. And one alliance rules them all as the only one left with Titans.
Pointing at the past on this is pointless because we didn’t have entire fleets of titans in the past. If asset safety is removed a burning is the natural response and the end game of null. Plenty of other no asset safety games have gone exactly the same way.

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