Unwarpable ESS Mechanic has to end

For the benefit of all players in the game, I call for an end of the unwarpable ESS mechanic.

Hot droppers are abusing it to put their cynos cloaked burning off into infinity combat scanning at their leisure from the comfort of the unwarpable ESS space, and even if they’re decloaked they’re often thousands of kilometers away they are safe as no combat probing will land any ship on them but at zero on the ESS gate, and they can recloak and reposition at wish.

The unwarpable ESS space has to end.

I have no issue with how the actual ESS works. Disallow warping to the 75km scram bubble itself so fleets of vexors can dismember the defenders for all i care. That’s content. ESS robbery is content for all, and it’s generally fun.

But that someone can be in the area outside the ESS bubble, and not be warpable though combat scanned, is beyond stupid and only serves to help people abusing this mechanic, like hot droppers and people waiting to filament.

End the Unwarpable ESS mechanic. It is limiting content all over nullsec. The exploit has existed long enough.


Just get a fast ship and hunt them down.

How? You can just bait the hotdroppers into a trap and kill them on their “target”. Just because you can’t kill their cyno. The unwarpable ESS grid does not limit content. You just don’t like the content it enables and can’t capitalize on that content.

OP the word you are looking for is deadspace.

You’re not the first to bring it up „cyno 10,000 km off“ complaint. Try some of the advice in the previous thread: ESS Gate Mechanics Abuse

  1. get a fast ship, or
  2. bait the hot dropper, or
  3. Ignore the guy

It hasn’t changed in 2.5 years from the previous thread so expect and plan for the mechanic to stay as-is.

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Get rid off ESSs.

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