Up For Hire

Hello to all potential viewers,

I wanted to make others aware that I am available to hire for any contract you may suggest

I will work for somewhat cheap pay, prices can be discussed with the mention of a potential contract

Looking for work in the Verge Vendor system and surrounding systems

Must be one of the most pathetic attempts by an alt to earn isk I have seen!!
No KB as non registered

Sorry I seem so pathetic to you. I’m out to show what I can do. Not an alt, just looking for work outside of mining and salvaging.

So no killboard history? Not gonna attempt to figure out what real mercing is… Just want to be hired for something outside of carebearing you should post in the general forums.

Pvp isn’t at all like Pve you gotta learn how to fit your ship…

This attempt is pathetic… Please join Pandemic horde and learn something’s about pvp before attempting merc work…


Good initiative and try!
Keep it up and you will find a contractor some day.
A free bump for you.