Suicide Dreadnoughts (dreadbombs) for hire

I’m wanting to start hiring out my services as a 1-man dreadbomb. I’ll be open and admit that making money from this venture isn’t my aim, I am happy enough just covering my costs to have a bit of fun dropping my dreads on stuff; cap fleets, structures, supers, whatever… (with no expectations of survival)

I’m currently unsure how this will work precisely as a service yet as it’s brand new (to me); that is to say - whether I move my dreads into system with you or it works as a 1 contract thing, whether I recieve payment up front or after etc… Just to alleviate any concerns about scams, I am perfectly happy using a trusted third party; Elizabeth Norn/Chribba, both of which I’ve had/currently have dealings with.

I’m looking to initially start with just 3 dreads (could be helpful to a smaller group?) to get a feel for things but I can deploy around 10 dreads on full tilt.

I’m essentially offering to be a dread pilot for you in exchange for full SRP. Is this feasible as a service?

Happy to hear thoughts/criticisms etc.


you should link your KB to show your experience and skill and what we get for our money should we hire you.

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Finally a real mercenary , Dude you should totally start a dreadbomb merc corp,

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