[BLUDE] Blood Eagle (Blothorn) [MERC 4 HIRE]

We are Blood Eagle, kind of like a bad company of the Merc world. We make bad decisions but we will throw as much at your enemy as we can and harass them 24/7. We won’t just sit on the Jita 4-4 undock (we still do that though) but if its a paying contract we will deploy and set up next door to your enemy, we will camp their routes to hisec, hell we will day in a blaze of glory anywhere in space.

Prices are cheap, hell maybe free for we’re new and just want work for content.

Shoot me mail in game and we will go from there.


the heck is that fit?


I’m sold

Huh? :thinking:


Oh I can ****fit like nobody else, you just wait until I die in the hull tanked version. I’m total garbage.

Mmhm… we are annoying in many ways. Including ****posting.