Up to 30 Million ISK for a Little Research

In approximately 40 hours from the time this is posted, I will be paying up to 30 million ISK total for three specific pieces of information, assuming they exist. The rate will be 10 million ISK for the answer that best fits the specified parameters for each request, and will be paid directly to the player who answers. The most I will pay is 10 million ISK, once, per question. I will only pay once per question.

  1. I will pay 10 million ISK for the latest (most recent) written statement by CCP that specifies players will be able to remove refining rigs, after the expansion hits on the 24th. I’m specifically looking for verbiage indicating the player initiating the action, not the rigs popping off and being placed elsewhere by CCP.

  2. I will pay 10 million ISK for any written statement by CCP that specifies the rigs will be removed by CCP, with no player action involved, though this information must be posted before the Dev blog on the 20th, linked here: https://tinyurl.com/y8vox87y I will not accept any information from the Dev blog as an answer.

  3. I will pay 10 million ISK for any written statement by CCP that specifies a “warning” to players not to initiate any industrial jobs that end after the expansion hits, because those jobs will be canceled and all materials will be lost when CCP removes the rigs. This latest statement must reference the current October 24th expansion.

Please post the links to requested information in this thread. If #3 does not exist, then I will increase the payout on #1 and #2 to 15 million ISK each, so that my final payout is still 30 million. If #2 and #3 do not exist, then I will pay 15 million each to the two latest examples of #1. The max payout for this post remains at 30 million ISK. Thank you.

Edit: I need links to official CCP statements, from a Dev blog or something readily available to all, not an obscure Reddit or Forum post. Thanks.

  1. you won’t be able to remove them, CCP will remove them during the patch to give you the choice of if you want to put them back on the same citadel or move them to a new refinery, you will not be able to remove rigs yourself from an upwell structure without destroying them

  2. why would you want wording that predates the blog, the blog is what is actually going to happen and its the same procedure that was used when engineering complexes were released and it will be the same process that will be done if they add another upwell structure that benefits more from certain rigs

  3. as far as i know ther eis no warning, mainly because it won’t matter, the rigs are, as far as i know, only referenced when the job is installed so the rigs being removed by CCP directly won’t result in a change to the job status, manually removing rigs or offlining services affects jobs so i would expect direct DB edits to not affect anything already in production unless the owner of the citadel chooses to mess with things, obviously if you do lose something you will file a petition as per normal

I don’t need your 30mil i could have earned that myself in less time than it took to write this :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice reply. I gave you a like as well. :smiley: I’ve just come back to the game after about three years absence, discovering and attempting to understand the many changes to the game, including Citadels. Sounds like you have a good understanding of the current game mechanics, and that you utilize them to your advantage. Hope you enjoy being space rich.

CCP has cleared things up for me, and strangely enough they now agree with your response to #3, which now negates the need for #1 or #2.

Since CCP originally sent me in the wrong direction - thus the creation of this thread - and you’ve answered the question / CCP has clarified their mistake, I’ll consider this thread closed. Have a good weekend.

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