Upcoming Changes to Drone Aggression

In my 6+ years of playing EVE Online, my mining alt has never had its Mining Drones attacked by NPCs, despite going afk for hours upon hours at a time.

And when you say “they will eventually go for mining drones”, the correct answer for the player is “he should eventually lock the NPCs and kill them”.

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Indeed, the only time I have lost mining drones to NPCs was to the pre-Invasion roaming Trig recce groups that came out of Emerging Conduits. They, and they alone, could appear very fast and went straight for mining drones, sometimes before they could get back to the safety of the drone bay. Otherwise, never a problem. Of course, that is because I would never mine AFK for longer than it takes to answer a call of nature…

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Sebo is unacceptable for hisec Orca, because ganktards exist. The only way to fly Orca in hisec is max tank.

We will most definately have to agree to disagree on that.

…at which point npc frigates do not pose a risk to either the orca or drones…

Since the ultimate purpose of this change is fighting against isk inflation (I guess). You guys can work on the issue directly but not nerfing normal players again. We all know this change will affect normal semi-AFK player, and adds more advantages to bots, this inevitable encourages normal players to use tools help them avoid tedious target locking and F key pressing.

But I have a great idea that may can reduce the isk incoming of botting/or punish them, encourage more PVP activities, make semi-AFK player more active, the most import part is helping reducing isk inflation greatly. @CCP_Paradox

Here is my solution

  1. change the current bounty system. Make bounty not paid directly to players’ wallet. The players need to collect proof, like dog tags, from NPC pirates and turn into ENCORD NPC station to get paid off, like ESS isk check.

  2. How to make this change in compatible with ESS? This is quite simple. The isk goes into ESS stay the same. Player still get paid off every several hours. The rest isk will goes into bounty proof items and players need collected from NPCs.


It sinks more isk to the system. So, the player at least needs to collect wreckage and transport those bounty proofs to NPC station to get paid off. During transportation, players can get killed and part of the bounty proof items will be lost during this PVP activity. This is another way to sink isk back to the system and further reduce the inflation

This will punish bots, since player need to collect bounty proof items, bots cannot just ratting they need to collect wreckages, and do the transportation.

It encourages PVP, because the bounty proof items can be taken away by other players during PVP. Now hunter players are more motivated to engage people not only in ESS but also in Anomalies.

The most important is it doesn’t change the current players style, so it causes much less damages to the existing player base. Semi-AFK players still be semi-AFK but they need to be aware the hunters more and manually collect bounty proof items from wreckages and stock them safely back to stations before transporting them to NPC station to get paid off, otherwise if they get caught and lose all the bounty proof items in their ship cargo.

It doesn’t make the null space emptier. Null sec ratting is still profitable and not as tedious as what it will become after we have upcoming Drone aggression changes. I am in one of the biggest alliances, as far as I know many players are considering to do missions to replace ratting in null space for isk. That means they will spend much less time in null space. Null space will become emptier. So those null space PVP players (hunters) can’t find ship to shoot, they properly leave the null space or leave the game.

It creat a isk buffer for the current economy system. Since isk is in the form of bounty proof items, it takes time to cash out.


More development work. I think it worth the effort considering so many pros.

It may introduce isk spikes to the system. If people stock the bounty proof item and cash them out in large amount. But this can be easily solved by add expiration time to the bounty proof items.

This change may be not new player friendly. It may only be apply to Null space. In High sec space, for low value bounty target, mojority bounty can be still paid direct to players. For high value bounty target, split part of the bounty into bounty proof items part paid directly to player. So it can help new players learning this system. This part need some tuning to make it new player friendly.

If you guys like this idea, please click like and let CCP dev team see my post. Thanks. (Please pardon my English.)




Just finished the edits. Thanks.

Please don’t take the sentence out of the context. Actully, AFK players pay much higher price with this design, they will lose all the bounty, it could make their AFK play styles meaningless.

“Semi-AFK players still be semi-AFK but they need to be aware the hunters more and manually collect bounty proof items from wreckages and stock them safely back to stations before transporting them to NPC station to get paid off, otherwise if they get caught and lose all the bounty proof items in their ship cargo.

So if this is to combat bots…

i am really, really wondering why this game has no real anticheat programm requirement?

This is a pretty informative discussion of the subject: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/k3xr9h/we_were_trained_to_hate_these_changes/

TL;DR: we should definitely blame CCP for letting farmers think that they’re entitled to piles of ISK, but we should not let that get in the way of fixing the problem.


Mass reduction on HIC bubbles replaced with a mid slot module?

The entire approach is a sophism, and false.

Because CCP does not want to fix a problem, does not fix a problem, and probably does not even perceive a problem.

Also the article is factually wrong in many aspects, I basically dropped it at “increased safety” (safety decreased greatly), but before that it was “systematically increased iskflow from most major sources” (wrong, check MER), “There are plenty of wormhole corps who have success without any supers at all” (if success is defined as safe farming, then probably yes - wormhole is THE safest space of new eden based on deaths per population), etc, not gonna waste time picking apart an obvious wrong sophism article any further./

We realize it. We just celebrate the death of AFK farmer trash and low-effort players who can’t cope without multiboxing their AFK alts. Now hopefully CCP will kill off more of the bots to match.

And yet here you are demonstrating its attitudes nicely: defining success based on ISK/hour and not by the things you do, and completely unable to cope with the idea of doing PvP without infinite ISK faucets and “who cares, already replaced it” capital fleets.

why ccp… why?

why not?

this change makes it more difficult for Joe “Wallet Warrior” Schmoe to load up 15 alts and have them afk in nullsec anomalies for 15 minutes each while he jerks himself off since they don’t need any human input. i think that’s pretty great for the game overall.


afk playing in eve is a big issue

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Yes, and CCP is making this change to address one area of afk gameplay.

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now pve will be more active ig.

Well, whether it will be or not is something we will have to see, but yes, that is the idea that these changes are trying to move the direction of PvE towards. Something that’s more active and less low-attention.