Update : Charactertransfers are online again

Dear Capsule Pilots,

As the title suggests, updates are being made to the character transfer system.

At this point, we unfortunately do not have any information on when these will be completed.

As soon as we have more information, we will let you know here in this post.

ISD Traindriver


Are the transfers still stuck?

Yes. We will post her when we know an ETA or the Updates are Done.


OK, what exactly is the issue? I’ve been waiting to transfer a character since Friday.

CCP are patching a security issue. They suspended the service when the issue was identified, now they’re working on resolution.

The security issue that was brought to light - Security Disclosure: CCP SSO Tokens not being revoked by character transfers (#1356) · Issues · Alliance Auth / allianceauth · GitLab

Wish they would have posted this prior to me buying a character…lol

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Yeah same, trying to sell.

I hope this get fixes as a priority. I left my corp for char transfer on friday and wasn’t able to transfer to my other account…

is it still possible to pay for the transfer of a character for a plex?

No, since Feb. 2020 it is not longer possilbe.

Hello Capsuleers,

I bring you an urgent message from the GM billing team, it reads as follows: As of Monday, 24th of February, 2020, the only way to transfer characters between accounts will be by using Credit Card (CC); PLEX transfers is no longer possible.

Fly safe o7
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Updates to the character transfer system has finished. Character transfers are now available again.

Thanks for your patience.


I cant see the option to pay with plex?

because there is no option to pay with plex since 2020 …

Transfer are still locked…and it directs you to Customer Service…


So you should file a Ticket about this here as it seems this is a personal Problem in that case.

I can confirm, that character transfers work again, because I just started one. Bye guys

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@ISD_Traindriver can you confirm if SSO security issues were fixed, or that transfers after the fix will be secure.

You should probably ask the ccp dev @CCP_Arcade and not an isd volunteer (no offense traindriver)

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@CCP_Arcade ?