Update on HICs and Wormholes

(Arrendis) #21

The module as described wouldn’t change the inertial multiplier of the ship the way the bubble does now, which is what allows the increase in agility.

(Harlan Adoudel) #22

What? No. The way the agility is increased is by decreasing mass, which is exactly what the new module does. Bubbles don’t affect the inertia modifier at all. Check pyfa if you don’t believe me.

(Logan Highstorm) #23

Wormholes came in 2009 but shattered wormholes came in 2014. I personally believe the whole “we didn’t intended for players in live in j-space” is a bold face lie. CCP knew wormholes had moons and they knew all you needed was a moon to anchor a POS. :THONKING:

(Arrendis) #24

Nope, you’re right, I was thinking about a different modifier and misremembering. muh bad.

(Harlan Adoudel) #25

No worries. It’s interesting, I don’t think there’s any active module in the game that affects the inertia modifier. Pretty much just istabs and nanofibers (and the corresponding rigs). I wonder if there’s a technical restriction, or if they chose to have HIC bubbles affect mass instead of inertia for some other reason.

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #26

In a way I liked the idea that rolling was about to be less guaranteed. I hope CCP revisits this later on.

(Chance Ravinne) #27

Well if CCP really wanted to they could simply add a random element to hole mass, +/- 5% or something. Just enough to occasionally cause some chaos.

(Harlan Adoudel) #28

There already is one. Wormhole mass is a fixed amount (varies by type) +/- 10%. Fresh hole rolling procedures would be 100% safe otherwise (not that they’re especially dangerous now, if you do the math).

(Tuzy) #29

I agree with this 100%.

(Mema McDank) #31

It’s already there. Even with hic, you are not 100% safe

(Arrendis) #32

There is, it’s bigger than fi-dammit, Harlan beat me to it.

(Obil Que) #33

Already exists. But if you’d like to try wormhole space out and learn about wormhole mechanics, you could always join a wormhole corporation.

(Katsuragi PenPen) #34

@Logan_Highstorm: I believe, in 2009, CCP assumed they didn’t need to implement any special restrictions on anchoring because they thought it was logistically impossible to keep towers fueled in J-space. Obvious, they were mistaken. By 2014 the player base had thoroughly educated them otherwise.

(Dominous Nolen) #35

There is already a random +/- 10% mass variance.

(Tyrion Artrald) #36

You are not wrong. We (wormholers) have math-ed out most of the rolling mechanics to account for this mass variation in wormholes. It still feels like more of an art than a science sometimes (since you don’t always know how much the hole has been massed unless it’s 100% fresh), but that variation does exist and keeps things nice and interesting.

(Tevo Hyalhi) #37

There is a variable in hole mass, and it does cause choke lol

(Kaivaja) #38

Did CCP ever consider these two rather obvious options:

  1. Add flag to HIC’s “cannot equip 500MN MWD”


  1. Add flag to 500MN MWD’s “cannot be used in HIC’s”?

(Solecist Project) #39

Like all the other times before, right? Right???
Like the last time when you changed worm holes to make null sec safer … right?

Do you want a list?? I’m sure there’s someone with such a list out there, all i need to do is asking! Your “vision” story is hoax. faux. A lie! It has ZERO to do with these changes! None! I don’t know if it’s your lie, but it is a lie! You, CCP, are doing this to make null sec, yet again, safer and i know this because that is what you keep doing and that is what the ecm changes do as well!

Yet again! And yet again we are being lied into our faces about how you CARE about [particular part of the player base] while literally ALL of EVE’s history proves the opposite!

Thank you very much!

(Calima Arzi) #40

you can count on this module being available at the same time that we make the changes to Warp Disruption Field Generators.

Thank you for listening - and for honoring https://www.eveonline.com/article/p4ejjg/balance-changes-coming-in-the-march-release

We decided to hold off until we can also ship a new module to replace the mass control for wormholers.

– C

(Iowa Banshee) #41

I believe It’s up to 10% over/under mass