Update to the ip well structure courier scam

@ISD_Sakimura I was reading over your scam post here, kudos for that.

I did notice you marked the upwell structure scam as nullified. There is however one loop hole that still exists. Namely if the contract contains a container.

Now this narrows the scope but can still present a player with an impossible contract to finish.

This scam only works if the character who accepts the courier contract IS NOT the one hauling. If I trade the courier package to my hauler and he uses the deposit option on the upwell structure, since he can’t dock he cannot trade it to me. Since it has a container he also cannot contract it to me to complete.

It’s a pretty narrow scope and really only targets the organized hauling alliances. But most seasoned solo haulers still follow the good practice of not hauling with the character you accepted the contract on.

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