Updating Alliance member count has been made this difficult?

Chaps, am I missing a trick or instead of in the XML just going:
$allianceMembers = $allianceList->$alliance->memberCount;

Do you now have to go to /alliances/{alliance_id}/corporations/ -> loop foreach through all the corps calling /corporations/{corporation_id}/ and adding the member counts together each time?

That’s however many corps are in an alliance times less efficiant and slower. Then when you have a list of alliances to check…? Hope I’m wrong here and haven’t spotted something because that’s batty.

That’s how you do it. My understanding is that this is by design. They do not want to duplicate information that can be learned elsewhere.

Are you not needing the corporation information also?

See here: https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/122

Thats nuts… lol no, I only need a list of alliances with numbers next to them.

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