Updating Fozzie-Sov

(Nano Spartan) #1

As everyone knows Fozzie-Sov has flaws for both sides attacking and defending. If it was made to produces smaller fights and break up the blue donuts than Fozzie-Sov right now has failed. Time for some changes.
First defending: the fact that any ship can entosis leads to t3 destroyer fleets in speed mode making it unreasonable to fight and does not produce combat. It makes defending pointless, a waste of my time, I will just use the same tactic and reclaim my system later no reason not to.
I feel if the Command Burst module is limited to certain ships why should the entosis module be different. Meaning if you wish to fit the entosis module to a ship that does not have Can use one entosis module in there ship bonuses than an additional module should be needed to fit to your ship to make it work.
Which now comes to the next problem. Entosising something should have speed and range restrictions. Right now you can sit at 150km with a over-sized prop and entosis unchallenged being almost un-catch-able. So range & speed need some limits while actively entosising.

Now Attacking: It should take less time entosising uncontested if I own that system or adjacent systems connected to it. There should also be a capture range added where players inside the buffer range inside the same fleet decreases the time (to a limit) entosising like a capture point in other games.

Lastly benefits for holding sov: Right now its grey as to who owns a system those who’s name is on the sov banner or those who have citadels anchored everywhere. You shouldn’t be allowed to use any services of a citadel other than storage and defense. Meaning fitting services/markets/etc should all be disabled making sov holders want to defend there system else be interrupted with there normal lives.

I understand that not all these idea’s are needed to fix Fozzie-Sov but a update is needed and these categories need to be addressed.

(Dior Ambraelle) #2

What about limiting entosis to battleships, limiting the link to 50 km and giving 100% speed reduction when active? Would this help?

(Chris Sabre Archon) #3

i think that limiting them to bs’s is a great idea but i think that 100% speed reduction is a bit harsh prob try 75% just so they are not complete sitting ducks and have t1 link 5km(currently 25km) and t2 50km(currently 250km)

(Nano Spartan) #4

I feel it would be reasonable to limit entosis links to cruiser class and above. Then limit there speed by 50% and range to 10km tech 1 and 40km tech 2. Just to prevent players from fitting an oversize prop, and being uncatchable/unkillable.

Also the goal isnt to gimp the ship into being useless, however if it is to fit an entosis link then its primary role should be entosising and not " hey I have a spare high slot I will throw a entosis link there"