Dear CCP. Make it so attacking a system IHUB/TCU requires more than a single 10 mil T1 frigate

Dear CCP,

Please make it so actual PVP is involved in sov warfare.

Please change the mechanics behind “sov warfare”, attacking a system ihub with a 10 mil T1 frigate that can run away at 4000 ms as soon as they send a notification.

We are missing the warfare part of it.

I think i speak for all sov holders that this is just horrible gameplay. No real ships or value are put on the line to attack sov. And no actual pvp is happening. It’s just a bunch of people running around chasing T1 frigates.You can not truly believe this is engaging gameplay.

I suggest 2 possible ways to fix it.

  1. Either make it so that when someone activates a entosis link that he enters siege mode and is stuck in place for say 10, 15 or 20 minutes, all you need to do is add -100% velocity bonus to the entosis links.
  2. Increase the fitting requirements on the entosis links so that only battleships can fit entosis links. This will put more than 10 million isk on the line.

I can’t imagine CCP intended sov warfare to be all about 10 million isk ships running a entosis link and that being all people are fielding for it 95% of the time

You don’t and please don’t say you do.

Wait what? Is that for real? Flipping a system in Faction Warfare requires a minimum of 1700 DPS and normally requires a medium sized fleet at least. Is changing sovereignty of a system possible with a single frigate?

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It is indeed , a T1 frigate with a T1 entosis link and some strontium.

If literally no one can be bothered to defend even after it goes into contested state yes.
Reality no it isn’t possible with a t1 frigate. You need significant fleets.

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the whole crappy fozzysov system was created with the purpose in mind that undefended space should be easy to take. So if you don’t want to defend your sov against a 10m frigate, you are not supposed to hold it. Prior that it was the way you want when you needed tons of firepower to grind sov, but thats the past. People didn’t want it that way. You’re welcome, bye.


You can blow a t1 frigate with a t1 caracal, or just jam it with a t1 blackbird.

What’s the problem?


If you can’t defend it, you could always go back to highsec

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Looking at this in a vacuum, I’d say you’re just whining. If a 10m frigate is seriously a threat to your sov, you’ve already abandoned your sov and have no right to complain.

On the other hand, looking at capture warfare in EvE as a whole (i.e. sov, FW, structures, etc.) it does seem that unusual we have so many radically different mechanics. Granted, FW isn’t a sov grind, and neither of them are a structure bash, but it would feel a bit more tidy if everything behaved in a more similar fashion.

So, -1 to your specific idea, but +1 to looking into adjusting capture mechanics to be more consistent.


Golf clap

roll it back to 2015 and let us entosis with interceptors again… and take that silly repair itself mechanic away; if people want sov they can damn well work for it or gtfo.

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