[March] Entosis Link and Sov Changes

Hi folks! This thread will serve as the discussion hub for the proposed changes to entosis links and sov capture events that we announced in the recent dev blog.

As a quick recap, the changes we are proposing for the entosis link itself are:

  • Allow remote assistance to subcapital ships with entosis links running (including remote reps)
  • Significantly reduced max ranges: 20km for T1 and 50km for T2
  • Significantly reduced fitting requirements for the T2 module: 20 power grid and 5 CPU
  • +100% sensor strength to any ship with an active cycling entosis link

Combined these changes would represent a very significant shakeup of the balance around entosis link use, pushing capture groups closer to their targets and allowing full use of remote repairs.

It’s worth noting that capital ships running entosis links would continue to be prevented from receiving remote assistance.

For the capture events themselves, the proposed changes are:

  • Increase the score gained per node capture from 5% to 7%
  • Reduce the number of starting nodes from 5 to 4
  • Increase the random node spawn chance by ~14%

These changes reduce the total number of nodes needed to complete an uncontested event as well as concentrating the initial fighting somewhat. After the changes completing an uncontested attack/defend event would require 6 nodes for defenders and 9 for attackers.

As with other features, we do not consider changes like this to ever be the “last word” in iteration. We have expressed support in the past for the idea of eventually merging sov structures and Upwell Structures together with a larger set of changes and we are still interested in doing something like that someday. However we do think that changes like this to shake up the strategic challenges for players can be extremely valuable and we hope you enjoy them.

Please let us know what you think about these proposed changes in this forum thread, and thanks for reading!


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not good changes, allowing remote assistance means HIT & RUN tactics will not works anymore any small entity has no chance to defend anything.

Did you see what PL use in providence? combat rorquals to abuse jump fatique… and now with remote assistance I bet we will see dammnations or similar tanky entosis ships, with cyno and with fax or rorqual on standby to repair them…

it move fights from small scale to just cyno competition and is really bad for small entities…

  • introduce new systemwide mobile cynojammer first
  • ship capable to run new cynoinhibitor module
  • make our old mobile cynoinhibitor scoopable
  • make half nodes with natural phenomena

any of this makes more fun


Long needed changes, i think that could bring many players back to 0.0


I actually love these Change ideas to be honest.

I would probably make some limitations to the amount of reps that could come in to balance it out a bit. mostly because you’ll see Bricks with Guardians or Basi support more or less right away. not much need to bring much else in that case.

But going the right way.

With the Jump Fatigue changes, that an all around thing that works on all ships equally, relative to their respective bonuses ofc. but in general something that will still slow down the massive cap fleets a bit more?

Cyno inhibitor for citadels would be good and great. run them off the same basis as the old ones, but in citadels instead of POS’s.

Ship Cyno Mod is an exceptionally bad idea. unless you can only fit it to the new FC ship and it runs a cooldown/duration cycle like most active mods. make it use strontium.

The deployable cyno inhibitors could be scoopable. but then again they’re not used all that much anyway.

And skip the natural Phenomena crap all together. being able to warp around while defending/attacking a node is good for both sides and balances the fights outright.

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Kill mails for Ihubs or get out, I want a nice juicy KM for all that ■■■■ entosis work

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Ok these changes look really good!

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Remote reps are for sub caps and cancer claws are cancer

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fix nullification on damned 'ceptors ffs, it completely undermines and breaks the terrain gameplay of your sov warfare system!

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Interceptor fleets are a reliable and balanced fleet composition for sov warfare, and are entertaining and engaging for all parties involved. Nullification only helps content creation and reduces overall frustration for everyone. This is why they are so popular, because they are fair and balanced.

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Few ways to fix that. make it so Ceptors can’t use cloaking devices of any kind.
AND, increase their aligntime by 50%. or scale the penatlies for adding Inertia Stabilizers to ceptors. but keep the abilities they already have. that’s what they’re there for m8.


Careful, they will believe that!


Nullification wasnt the issue alone, the issue was that your entosis ship couldnt get reps, so lots of claws, go in and quickly kill them blah blah blah. Now sit a tanky ship with a toaster and some logi and claws dont do what they did before.

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Make it 10% instead of 7%. and maybe increase the timer for capture a little bit longer. will increase intensity of a fight and end them faster. but will increase ship losses all across EVE in general.

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50 km max is too low tbh. It kills any kind of long range fleet comps when trying to take a node. 250 was too high, 50 too low. Maybe 100-125 would be a better option here to give a smaller more mobile fleet the room to maneuver and stay of range of fax/haws/high dps bc range/ and the like


So basically force the entosis combatants closer.

Im gonna go with a no, this looks like something big null blocs want because they have an inability to deal with kite ships, it will also force people into using basically armour brawl gangs completely mitigating any other tactical options.
Right now, as it stands ‘fozziesov’ is relatively open ended allowing for multiple different ways for the end result to be achieved, many large null alliances currently use heavily tanked sigils and nereus which are a pita to clear if your a small group or solo, ok fine but these are often left without escort because these large alliances dont like being too tactical or feilding multifaceted fleets in most cases.
These proposed changes so far look like your very much handing it to them and moving away from smaller groups being able to take space.
This may not feel like an issue to you or your team but you will basically end up with horde, xxdeath and imperium in 3 corners of space, and they will not fight each other on those terms.
In many cases the fighting isnt ‘concentrated’ because people come along in 100man mach blobs which end up with a lot of posturing and generally not much fighting… defence fleets also tend to bounce around citadels.

Your basically forcing attackers to close in and play into the blobs hands but making it incredibly awkward to use kite setups, making the sov… well in short you may aswell go back to the old system.

This is a very linear design, i thought the designers of most games would choose non-linear these days making the game more interesting and far better strategically.


How many more threads will it take before CCP realizes this is a horrible system for sov warfare? I sure don’t have an answer, but i admire their persistence in an atmosphere of overwhelming negative feedback.

im literally reading a lot of the proposed changes and thinking of not bothering to sub my three accounts anymore, i dont want to joina big bloc alliance, i dont want to play a linear game.

This game is becoming increasingly biased to kite and solo players in favour of bigger gangs, but we all know as soon as you shift to needing gangs to do everything what you will end up with is a game where you log in, blueball, and pretty soon stop playing because theres no point logging in.
I guess its fine if people only want to fly armour lokis 99% of the time or sacrilege but these moves look wholly one sided and in favour of huge blobs with little to no actual tactical or strategic gameplay.

Cest la vie