Get rid of entosis links

Nobody likes to fit an Entosis link on his ship.

Make a poll. I predict 95% will answer “I do not like to fit an entosis link”. Meaning it’s a bad addition to the game, but it’s fundamental to the way the game works, meaning players feel forced to use something they do not want to use.

This must have something to do with only 17000 online players, 3 years ago I am certain the lowest number I have seen was 35000.

Yes, getting rid of entosis and going back to shooting sovereignity structures means bigger groups will have an advantage in null-warfare. As they should. Yes, this is what EVE is about, this realistic simulation of warfare is what makes it a special and different game. Without this - it becomes boring.


I see 29K online.

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7h vs 7m ago.

7h ago was after downtime… and in the middle of workday in europe.

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I think it’s kinda ridiculous to claim that 16,000 players left the game b/c of the Entosis Link.

But I do agree that it seems like a very… useless module? If they wanted to create a method of Hacking into station services, why not just make it part of the existing Hacking methods? Make someone use a Data Scanner and surf through the maze. If they hit the wrong node, their ship takes damage. If they wipe out in the maze, their ship explodes. Or… maybe they just get flagged Suspect while they’re attempting to Hack the station.

Why did we have to reverse engineer alien tech to learn how to hack Stations?


Very much this.

Think you need to go do some research on warfare bro.

Bigger groups do not have the advantage. (real life)
They also still have the advantage in null.

Not sure if op is trolling or…?


/me blinks

Ok clearly you dont know what an entosis module is actually for; not gonna troll you just let me explain maybe simply.

Entosis modules are used to ‘entosis’ territorial claim units, ihubs and nodes in nullsec sov space; in order to attack or defend; and claim the space as their own.

They dont work on stations… largely because there are no players stations (outposts) left, they were turned into citadels.

Going ‘suspect’ in nullsec is a bit pointless, its nullsec; people can shoot you anyway.

Also, you can use a data analyser to ‘hack’ into a citadel for the timer of said citadel; you can use a ship scanner to scan the fit of the citadel.

At this point entosis modules are really only good for attacking and defending sov space, big groups still have the advantage through shear weight of numbers but if space is left ndefended the entosis modules are far better than having to field a literal f*&k ton of dps just to take one system… that no one really wants anyway.

There are a couple of other things the entosis module can do but this is pretty much it.

My point is that they didn’t need to make an entirely new module to do those things. They could just as easily have worked it into the current function of the Hacking modules.

Why do we need to use Sleeper technology, and Antikythera Elements, to create a device that allows us to hack into our own technology? Taking over Outpost functions, breaking down TCUs, these aren’t Sleeper devices, so why do we need a special Sleeper based Hack module?

They work a bit differently having no real need to play the minigame which tbvh would just be impossible to do on the nodes.

obviously it wasnt entirely thought out either, since they took the outposts away anyway.

I know they work differently. They burn Stront for fuel, and they make you invalid for outside assistance, like lighting a Cyno or Sieging.

But why? What was the point in making us reliant on Sleeper tech to fight over Sov? Other than to encourage participation in Wormholes back when they first came out?

It would be like making Citadels run on Iso-10 or ZPMs instead of regular Ice. That way anyone who wants to run a Citadel must go and play in the Abyss on a regular basis.

Entosis Links are a nonsense mechanic that only came about as part of motivating participation in an Expansion.

lighting a cyno doesnt make you invalid for outside assistance.

I think the bits for entosis modules and Antikythera Element materials come from the lancers mostly; you dont find these in wormholes usually, though there are some drifter holes…

Entosis modules were made to give more dynamic to sov war, to sort of cut down the blobs and spread them throughout a constellation; to give it more life, more movement.

Have you done any fozziesov or older sov stuff?

Im just curious why you have thought of this, it seems a little out of your zone tbh.

interestingly you used to be able to use the entosis module on the jove structures that show up
not sure if that still works.

It’s not my thread, I was just chipping in my views.

Building the Entosis Links used to require training up the Sleeper Tech science skill. And the flavor text on the module still says…

This mysterious device is the result of reverse-engineering salvaged Drifter technology. It appears to use ancient Jovian techniques and materials to allow more efficient mind-machine links than were thought possible in the past.

So they’re saying we need revere engineered Drifter tech, and mental control, to hack into Sov modules (and the old Outposts). If that were the case, then why don’t we need to dock with, and plug our Pods into, those Sov modules to control them? What does Drifter tech have to do with Outposts? They came out ages before we knew what Drifters were.

They can come up with all the weird game mechanics they want. But I’m one of those weirdos who likes to know some of the backstory too. =) I don’t get super deep into the weeds about all the lore and novels and whatever. But I still like to look into some of that stuff. And these things using Ancient Jovian techniques to hack into modern day Sov modules doesn’t make any sense.

Now if we could use an Entosis Link on a Stargate, and use it to get over into Jove Space…

ah sorry lol, bit early in the am i didnt notice xD

Also, industry isnt my strong point either.

i think the reason it ties in with sleeper and drifter stuff is because theres a ‘hidden mystery’ thing going on, or at least supposed to be. sleeper and talocan stuff can also be found in the cosmos areas in highsec but im not sure if its actually the same gear (pretty sure its not)

In essence i think the devs are still working on the backstory but leave it with enough holes so it can be changed at will?

not really sure, most backlore stuff usually stops at dead ends.

i agree it should be used on more things but i think maybe the hacking would be better for stargates if only to make it actually difficult to mess with an active route.

I still think the main reason is b/c they came out with Wormholes around the same time they started doing the new Sov stuff. And they wanted to link them together, to encourage people interested in one, to try out both.

maybe for shutting down tether on citadels?

i mean theres a ton of stuff that could be done i guess.

nah wormholes came out around 2010 i think, fozzie sov was… 2014/2015?