Get Rid of Entosis

I was surprised to see that Entosis nodes are still in the game.

They can’t achieve their purpose of giving small groups an edge. The counter is too simple, camp a gate that chokes the constellation and send another fleet to murder the wand wavers, damp or ECM them off it.

It is boring for the defending gate campers, frustrating for the attackers and an overall annoying waste of time for everyone involved.
It is not consistent with the content of Null Sec.

Make the new iHubs into structures, somewhere in strength between a Fortizar and an Astrahus.
You can even put an ESS grid around it to block warping around, if that excites you.

Well, the problem they were created to solve is still here, so why would they go anywhere?

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… because it doesn’t solve that problem?

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Entosis is a lot more interesting than yet another single grid structure fight.

Have you considered using a fleet that can bypass the gate camps? Interceptors, Covops ships or even nullified T3Cs can bypass those bubble camps.

All the other fights in null sec are already single grid structure fights… why do you want more of the same instead of the fight spanning an entire constellation that we have now?

Please no, not more deadspace grid nonsense.

Doesn’t matter.
If the defenders out number you, they can re-ship with home advantage to T3Cs that haven’t sacrificed a low slot to be Nullified.

Fozzie loves micro-gang nonsense and had wild dreams of being able to take SOV with some small guerrilla warfare.
That has not happened.
The mechanics are still toxic, still annoying and completely ineffective.

Get rid of them.

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Yeah, because tying it to structure bashing was working so wonderfully in the past that they specifically went away from that to the current system.

But it did allow a smaller alliance to hold our space against a much larger aggressor, winning the war because we were able to use effective guerrilla tactics and they eventually brought in a 50 account multiboxer to counter us.