[escalation] aoe entosis and asymmetric gates

These are just imaginary patchnotes. Also its purely for inspiration :slight_smile:

Escalation is an important part of eve‘s pvp gameplay. This expansion focuses on delivering a dynamic and engageable meta, where all fighting parties can influence the speed of progression…. And make more meaningful decisions.


Skirmishes should last longer before getting stomped by capital fleets.

Put fightable assets on the table to make your buddy‘s pve safer.

Make lowsec more accessible to new players.

Gate structures become imaginable.

Strategic warfare that does not nessesarily involve capitals.

Ability for skilled subcap-pilots to achieve objectives against an asset-rich opponent.

Give battleships a meaningful purpose.

Make areacontrol in more important.

Make carrier‘s longrange-projection meaningful.



gates dont need a counterpart in target-system

when entering a system, ships wont land on the other gate. Instead, they will land somewhere randomly on a circle. That circle lies on a plane. That plane is perpendicular to the direct line between the origin solarsystems and the target solarsystem. The distance of the plane to the sun is equal to the outer most planetorbit or proportional to the mass of the sun of the targetsystem. The radius of that circle is equal to the distance of circle to sun. (the radius could be recibrocal to the distance to get an even spread. But equal radii makes systems more unique)

This is less Problem for pvp-content because dscan (see below).

When issuing a „FleetJump“(new Fleet-Feature). All will land in same spot.

ability to deploy gate structures, without having to own sov in both systems.

Asymmetry is a feature!

Reapproach not possible, but also not neccessary anymore.

control gate-access by establishing grid-control

“one activated entosis blocks the gate.” – this is problematic, because solo-players could be trapped inside deadend-systems. but then will be able to have intel and enough time to call friends and backup, which is a social event and therefor advisable.

dscan warpto

right-click and warpToTarget brings you closer. (10% - 50% of original distance).

Distance-reduction depends on shipsize, signature, sensorstrength, skillpoints,…

could take multiple warps

Target will see it coming. (unless recon).

doesnt make combatScanners obsolete, because these can land right on top.

Ability to find a ship in system over time → more pvp, dangerous pve, more meets

new module: if fitted, plays a special sound when someone activates warp to you!

new Module: (U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A.)

Area-of-Effect and is entosis

cannot be jammed because its AOE

all sov-nodes in range are run.

Cant warp, cant receive reps, etc (see old entosis restrictions)

range is 250km minimum (out of range of titan doomsday/weaponrange)

creates room for escalation

ships CAN warp OUT

trapping would be too powerful and detrimental to healthy pvp combat.

Fear not: disruptors and scrams still play a role, which is important.

but CANT warp IN.

If they warp from outside, they land on rim.

blocks cynos in range

has 5min cycle, like normal.

can only be fitted to Battleships

highslot and good PG, so that this module competes with dps modules (which causes fights to end earlier). But still good enough to defend itself when isolated.

Blocked in empire.

every BS needs one extra effective highslot for this. (compensation)

Ongrid selection for Warp position.

We already have the location-selection that carriers use to position their fighters.

For strategic positioning and quality of life.

i.e. Fcs dont have to spend the night before a fight to set up multiple bookmarks and manage them.

Defending such warpIns (important for kiters) is now possible via the aoe-module (see above)

decrease in fighter‘s mwd speeds to reasonable levels (4000).

new T2 Battleship, that has bonus to UMBRELLA use.

Or just use Marauders for this, because they are already underused in group-pvp.

Possible balance conflict: MJD



cynos gain mass (that can come through) over time. The longer they spool the more can come through. Entosis decreases that mass.


only one ship per cycle: Remove cyno when a ship activates jumpTo. Drop another at start of cycle.

If module Cycle breaks after jump, more jumps per minute possible. Otherwise less. → balance-team

Compesation for these Cynomechanics

A „logisitc“ cyno-type needs to exist, that spools immediatly and industrials can jump immediatly, but only industrials can jump at all.

Edit: Wormholes

Since lurchHICs are an endagered species, i propose a circumvention. However, it doesnt deal with the frigatehole and catch-a-super neglection. If we are lucky, it generates more encounters for WHspace. A very unpredictable space. <3

Deleted: “Skillrelated features”. (was a bit offtopic. im trying to keep it dense.)

Check out my other texts on https://electronicwarfareenthusiast.wordpress.com (german)

Greetings, Ben Ishikela

If you think, i havent covered something, please just ask.

oh, and look at this thread for an indepth discussion on gate-camping: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/does-gate-camping-add-value-to-eve/

-1 package deal

No.What sick type of malfunction drives you people to post this sort of stuff?


only works in package, because for example: asymmetric gates are really really bad, if you dont bring warptodscan or gateblockers to the mix.
There are many other examples of why its intertwined.

what stuff? please elaborate.

Pretty sure he meant “all of this”.

And while I can agree with a few of your goals, your “features” and “optional” stuff are terrible ideas. I’m sure you want a critique of them, but honestly, I don’t feel like it.

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