Get rid of entosis links

i cant recall whether it was shattered wormholes or drifter wormholes that cam out around the same time as entosis stuff or whether it was just the lancers; id have to go look it up.

The entosis link is just a ham-fisted way to handle sov war. It was meant to replace the basic structure bash, but if anything is even less interesting from a gameplay standpoint.
For those not involved in sov this is what it’s like…a handful of entosis ships do their thing while fleets full of bored players chase insta-warp ceptors around. Yay.
It didn’t really change the mind numbing boredom of sov structure bashing, it just means that now instead of everyone shooting the thing, one person does and everyone else watches.
That is, if anyone shows up to defend at all. If not, then everyone is just held hostage to ridiculously long timers, doing nothing of interest. Given the sheer number of structures to either shoot or entosis during a sov war this translates into hour upon hour of utter non-action. Fleet after fleet of, if you are not the entosis ship, sitting in space doing nothing except maybe warping around to watch ceptors disappear from grid the moment you land.
It was a bad concept, with bad implementation, bad iteration, and bad game play impact. Absolutely no one likes it, it’s not a fundamental improvement over the old DomSov system, and simply replaced one bad mechanic with another possibly worse one.

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You’re right, Entosis came out the same time as Drifters. I didn’t realize WHs had been around for so much longer before that. Man, how time flies! =)

indeed it does :stuck_out_tongue:

i would disagree on so much of what you said, except that many alliance fc’s choose it to act this way; even going so far as actually expecting their ferox gang to be able to catch interceptors… this isnt bad game design; its bad fc’ing.

Its really not less interesting than previous iterations and it needs less people… not sure why people thinking needing a 50+ gang to sit on something for half an hour or so is fun… it isnt for me and so many others.
And waiting for it to go live omg…

ye… this is why i like it, cus i can run rings around people and kill the entosis ships solo; i think a fair amount of solo players will head to entosis areas if nearby for this exact reason - but again, this isnt poor game design; its poor tactics.

why are people chasing the interceptors around?
why would you do that?
In this example its clear the interceptor gangs have a target right? the solo entosis ships…
soo… is it not easier to just sit with the entosis ship?
In a normal fleet i think the term escort would be used. And tbvh it was an interesting way to water down blobfleets and add some tactical dimensions other than “my blob of machs is bigger than yours”

Of course it is what it is and people will chase interceptor gangs; hell people still bubble for mine… but its not really to do with the mechanics.

Can be true, if you dont work on lowering the adm’s first the timers will be long; but not longer than previous iterations…really, honestly it was aweful.

actually… your wrong there, it works for the people that play tactically; just not for blob commanders - the only real issue with it for any decent pvp group is keeping the adm’s up after; cus most of them dont rat or mine and those that do have alts in other places for that.


I do remember now ccp were going to reduce the range of the entosis links? in my opinion this is … not the best idea; as its forcing fleets to ball up again.
It will make fozziesov untenable for smaller groups; but then rental empires are still a thing.

ADM’s are a good system.

Entosis links are bad. If players do not want to fit them, or even participate in “entosis fleets”, it means they are boring and not good for the game.

Many players dont like doing many things tbvh, if they dont want to participate in entosis gangs i can only say they didnt want that space anyway.

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