Upwells on ice planets

I know there is a lot of ice belts, but I play late so they tend to be gone when I get on any chance we make upwells pull Ice off ice planets. This would be so I can time the ice belt and will be available to mine.

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Ice anomalies re-spawn every 4 hours. Mine it like the rest of us. I have 6 ice systems within 5 jumps of my home system. You can find time like everyone else. All that your idea would do is make it to where ice mining bots have an even easier time of RMT’ing…

Upwell refineries on ice planets. Is a logical expansion in the future. I asked CCP Fozzie on a live Talking in Stations episode and he seemed to think it reasonable and likely. As to when? TBD. Right now structure focus is on closing out POS’s by replacing all of their functionality.

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They may seed more belts if demand completely outweighs supply currently it’s good I see alot of competition over the ice belts in null and high perhaps it’s time people invested in defense and took the low sec belts too

If i played for more then 3 hrs a night that would be a good option

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