[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

Apparently it got reimbursed.

Got a couple new recruits including some returning old school players. You love to see it!

Only with Noir could I kill people so interesting

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Flying with friends makes for some great content

If EVE is going to be 20 bucks a month, you might as well get your money’s worth

Looking forward to flying in the opens tomorrow.

Clean sweep in the opens today. It’s doing wonders for my ELO rating

So this happened

Once again the hecate proves itself as a the superior blaster boat

This one speaks for itself

Guess where the blood raider sotiyo is right now

Bump die da dump dump

Bombing is hard at 2 fps. We still came out ahead though

Themed fleets are fun

I hope tomorrow goes better then today.

I guess we’re back to hoping that CCP actually dose what they’ve announced.

Is it weird that possibly the best thing to come out of fanfest was more taxes for corps?

Another successful NPSI roam

Yet again Noir shows up with big ball energy and gets a gudfight

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The feed goes on