[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

And the 9UY fort is finally down. It had a good run, and went out with a bang.

It’s amazing what a little coordination can do.

A ledged has fallen.

Here’s our ballot this CSM, what’s yours?

A nice little fight against an interestingly fit tengu.

Poking Delve is good fun when you don’t get turbo-blobbed.

Worms may be scary, but they aren’t invincible in FW.

You wouldn’t believe how much was chasing us over a single ishtar kill.

Just dropping by to say hi.
I joined Noir. For the roleplay aspect of being a mercenary.

This corp is steadily growning in both Eutz and Ustz. Lots of corps will advertise this yet rarely deliver, unless a big block.

Noir and The Network are different in that they stay true to the more surgical small, medium gang nature of EvE. Flying out maned and out gunned can really bring back the shakes, even for the bitter vet.

You will fly as mercenary with a distinct mission objective(s) and the opertunity to earn isk for being a natural killer and born winner. (if you are not we can teach you amd show you you a winners mindset)

The corporations in The Network draw on experience from all facets of EvE PvP playstyles. You will very rarely be left alone with nothing to do. Once you are a part of our family you will be for the rest of your EvE career. Many ex Noir. members go on to be great members of other corps because of the experiences they have with us. The Noir. name being one of the oldest mercenary names in EvE, garters much respect from PvP entities in EvE.

I often tell most new recruits that want to PvP. You give your heart to Noir. and we will give you an EvE career.

If you have got this far then the only question I have is. Why haven’t you applied yet?

Primus Fortune
Merc and Noir. fan boy.

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And now we return from good posting back to our regurally scheduled programming of zkill links.

Watching paladins evaporate is so satisfyingly.

Sometimes contracts pay for themselves.

It’s always nice to see people with dreams of solo battleships.

Pochvin is turning out quite fun now that standings don’t lock you out of taking gates.

What dose it say about you when you eject your ammo so it doesn’t show up on your loss mail?

It’s never too late to rediscover the joys of alpha strike

We were trying a new fleet doctrine and got a better fight then you’d expect from PAPI.

Well what do you know! CCP was right, camps are content.

Apparently people fly robbing ships in LS as well.

Who knew mining defense could be so fun?

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