[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

You never know when something is so dumb it might just work.

Dank ticks from ratters is so staffing.

Blink twice if you need help

Marauders are scary, but at least with the kronos you can exist on the same grid.

How many vexors do you need ratting in onw system?

Carriers aren’t that scary after all.

Never not drop on procs.

Nothing says hello like overkill.

Arazu or Rapier, you decide.

There was a day that I banned Arazu’s from fleets. But it is not this day… Today, we point!

It’s back! Maybe this will be the first one where we make it past the first round.

Are you ready for the gold rush?

2.5 hours, but we got him.

the most satisfying scram of my life lol

I wish I could afford a nightmare to do stuff like this.

It’s always fun killing people with more bling then sense.

CCP’s talking to us again. It’s amazing!

3 uniques down just this week. Good thing we’ll be getting more soon otherwise we might run out.

Another day, another contract. Could have been another payout to you, intrepid pugilist!

Too tired from trying to farm ESS keys to find a zkill today.