[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

Yet another fun fight I’m sad I missed. Maybe you can make the next one.

Who knew someone cold be so bad at bumping a thread?

I have no words

Our one hecate pilot is having more luck by himself in 1dq then PAPI did it seems.

That’s cold blooded Ackbad XD

I’d love to know the story here, who caught who?

You can get some good fights without even needing to leave Thera.

Cheap fleets are fun, you can wipe and still come out isk positive quite easily.

Congratulations to Koon Jang for graduating Noir. Academy.

You don’t need to be part of the blob to have fun in big battles.

Daily zkill link #4375218

Thanks :smiley: Excited to be here

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This bait beacon has been amazing the past couple days.

Don’t you just love groups who throw hull tanked ships at your nano gang?

Sometimes you’ve just got to roll that Thera hole.

AT bids are closed. Did you make it, because we did.

I’m both late and tired. Have a pod km.

Autocannon Supremacy

Noir. from The Network. . Now with more add AT seeds. Oh and yes we are recruiting.

Some of the most fun fleets around involve just messing around with dessies.