[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

Everyone’s a friend when you’re in a Hecate.

Dont find a new corp, find a new home

I haven’t seen a BR that made me laugh this hard in a while.

Another satisfyingly AT practice (no links for spis though)

Is this corp or the academy still open to new players. I just started Eve but like this post and the corp seems cool.

Academy recruitment is currently closed, and will not reopen until mid November. Also, if you are brand new to the game we probably aren’t the best fit for you anyways as NA is geared specifically towards teaching PvP rather then the game in general. If want a corp to teach you everything, I’d strongly recommend EVE University.

Op Success

You’d think he’d be better at flying the dragur by his 5th loss in one day (and have the skills for a T2 link)

We got a great present for Nick’s birthday roam.

Congrats to those who made it in to the AT.

Surprise early morning bump.

A Hecate took out a T3 Cruiser? That’s pretty impressive.

People actually click my links?! I never knew.

The kind of fight we should all aspire to.

Still accepting limited recruitment for the next 2 weeks before we pause recruitment till the holidays

Peek tackle piloting.

What’s this, a sneaky bump in the AU timezone? Looking at recruiting a few AU bros to join, stop by the cafe and have a chat.

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Another bump for the AU tz, come join our public channel and have a chat.