[US/EU] Travel the stars and kill interesting people with Noir.!

Actually fck it, looks like we’re recruiting today lol

Good fight Templis!

Fresh from winning AT ships, I’m back to start bumping.

You know, I never realized just how much reddit likes the venture until they started rioting over nerfing it.

This was a fun day even if we did get 3rd partied.

Realizing you’re good enough that Hydra spies on your AT team

The locals we were going for blueballed us but fellow wormholer group decided to play a funny prank and attack one of our subgroup so we had to go in and kill them all

Props to brave for taking a fight they probably shouldn’t have

Tis the season for good fights and sweet kills!

LF more UK/EU bros!

Working with friends has been quiet fun recently.

It was quite funny when a tengu started trying to scan down our HK. It did not go well for him.

Legendary KM whoring

Too many all-nighters, not enough bumping. Have a dumb sin.