US TZ LF Chill 0.0 with Good space multiple toons - dread and super toons

I’ve got 5 toons built for PVE/PVP with a dread alt (Revelation) and a Super alt (Nyx - needs a few injectors but won’t take much to bring it up to whatever standards you have.)

I need a few things out of this as I’m moving from wormhole/LS space for the first time in awhile.

Looking for:

Opportunity to drop caps.

Possibly black ops

Not a ■■■■ ton of CTAs. I have a life and you’ll always come second to that TBH.

Isk making to replace said caps and doctrine ships.

I’ll need some retraining on current isk making content in null as well - last time I did it we used HAM tengus in the testagram. Yep I’m that bittervet.

I have no preferencea alliance wise but be forewarned I’ve shot at FRAT blues recently on an op so if that’s gonna make it a no from you - please - don’t waste my time or yours. We showed up for a fight not for politics simple as that.

Blah blah blah, I’ll disclose all alts and ESIs without a fuss, but once again, if you’re a bell end with background checks bow out and save both our times.

Hey Gravsend

Check us out over at The State.

We live in Tribute next to the Lowsec border and we drop Caps on a contestant basis.

Hit me up on Discord and we can talk some more

Justin Starr STARR#8251

Still looking but have some in consideration.

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