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Simple, no frills small gang pvp

Getting a crew together who wants some simple fun in Eve.

  • Needlejacking from wherever
  • Roaming out of Curse
  • Access to bigger fleets when you want to just relax in both AU / US
  • JF runs
  • Few blues

We are working professionals and attempt to have lives outside of Eve on occasion.

Join our recruitment channel! BASCS Pub / Discord


Still looking for a few m8s to roam with!

Few friends coming out of the woodworks, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Looking to try out some whaling, come give it a shot with us :slight_smile:

Trying out some highsec ganking for a day. So far no luck lol.

Come hang with us

Good filament roams tonight. Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Good fun yesterday roaming around. Started to use Eve-Scout thera holes a smidge too :slight_smile:

Nice roam tonight, caught an orca and killed everything trying to save it until a RHML raven kept us from the final kill :frowning:

Some casual roaming.

Up to the boats!

Still roaming around and hopefully killing more than we lose :slight_smile:

Looking for a few more friends to take some slightly bigger fights

Some lazy camping today. Looking for a few more friends to roam with

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