US West player looking for buddies

I have been playing Eve on an off for 3 years now, still an alpha noob just jerking around, w/ no plan to convert to omega.

I am loking for people who are interested in flying together casually, I am thinking about doing some abyssal space in frigates, so need to find two buddies. Plan to use cheap ships, so we can have some fun and not give a ■■■■, and feel free to shoot me to grab the loot at the end or whatever :smiley:

Anyways, if you are interested and in US west timezone, let me know.


Maybe look into joining an alpha-friendly corp?

Greetings we are a hisec corp aimed to help new players. If y need more info plz mail me ingame

I will be your friend. Nothing more though.

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cool, when do you usually play?

awesome, will do

Mon wed and thurs is my usual playtime.

Hit me up. In game of course.

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