USA Players

Hey guys, looking for some people to play with in game. Ive met some cool people most are EU so play times are hit and miss. If your a US Player and finding the same issues. Contact me in game and see if we can link up. Looking to PvP, RP, PvE you name it.

im a broken record
but lets go
go to

join the amarr militia
the militia chat will insta open
there is guys from every time zone there
they are noice people


Amarr is an especially good idea if OP… “Likes a Challenge” :rofl:

I tried that but I’m between time zones. Spent almost all my time there alone.

amarr fw?
btw people just appear on the chat wen they talk
say hello

i just left , long session it was full of people

Did that. Hardly anyone chatted but then again there was hardly anyone in chat at those hours.

now its really bad

  • plus 2 hours people start to come back
    but i think is Chinese timezone

i tend to play from

20 to 5 h GMT

but you must be doing something wrong because look NOW

I was logging off as EU started logging in. Early morning US time. Actually, my usual play hours was about 12 hour from now (10:30 PM PST). I just happen to be home tonight. Usually 9:00-12:30 AM PST.

i dont know what to say dude
its full now
to me its full all day
keep in the amarr militia , or the minmatar one :nauseated_face:, its were the real fw action happens
you can see i have kills every day

14:52 GMT

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