Usage of Skill Extractors/Injectors

I want to ‘rebalance’ the skill-fits of some of my characters. Could someone please confirm if my understanding of the use of Skill Extractors and Skill Injectors is correct, please ?

Am I correct in thinking :-

  1. That what they don’t do is simply allow a specified skill/level to be extracted/injected, in order to transfer it from one character to another ?

  2. The Skill Extractor allows skill-points to be extracted from specific levels of specific skills, generating Skill Injectors. I assume you can only ‘start at the top’, e.g. you can’t extract level IV of a skill if level V is still present ? What happens if you’re trying to extract a skill required by another skill which is still present ?

  3. The Skill Injectors produced by this process are generic, i.e. they can be used to enhance any skill for any character, not just the skill that was extracted, or only for the character from which they were extracted ?

  4. The only way to specify which skills/levels the Injector is to be applied to is by re-ordering the skills in the Character Sheet/Skills page so the ones to benefit are at the top of the list ?

And a question :-

  1. Does the Skill Extractor return all the skill-points used to get to a particular level of a particular skill, or just a reduced proportion of them ?


That is correct. You extract 500,000 SP, which can be several skill levels or not even a full level depending on how many SP a given skill contains.

Correct. You start from the top. I believe that you cannot extract skills that are prerequisites for other, already trained skills.

Correct. The SI only contain SP, not skills.


The extractors always extract 500,000 SP. The Injector returns SP depending on the total amount of your SP:

  • 500,000 if less than 5M total SP
  • 400,000 if less than 50M total SP
  • 300,000 if less than 80M total SP
  • 150,000 for anything above 80M total SP.

That I know of, injectors give you unallocated skill points, in which case you can apply them by right clicking the any skill of interest in the queue, unless that was changed or removed at some point after the last time I did it.

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