Use the hyperlink to your advantage!

So not an original idea but something to think on.

I got lucky and got a tengu with one node, but those who build the the sub systems are the ones who also win, I had to buy sub systems for it, if you build any t-3 strategic cruisers it might be a good idea to put those hulls on the hyperlink at about cost instead of over pricing them.

I spent lots of isk on the sub systems then the hull itself, the more hulls you move the more sub systems you will sell on the market, I think it’s a big win for those who build those t-3’s unless I’m not accounting something?

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How do I make sure the buyer buys my subsystems and not someone elses?

On the market, you can’t guarantee that, but if you market yourself let people know that you are placing them at near cost and also have the sub systems available for contract then make the deal, otherwise nothing changes as it is still the same, on the general market.

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Send them a direct link to hypernet item, and get them to buy all nodes/tickets before anyone else finds it.

Rhat the main issue, est prices are screwed by extremely low buy prices (0.01 isk) , and people listing sale prices at get expanded by node/ticket amounts.

Hence i never look at 512 node/ticket offers, as chances of winning are extremely low and to buy all nodes/tickets is so expensive vs market prices.

If I wanted to sell them at near cost I could just dump them to buyorders. Much less of a hassle. You are not a trader?

Nope but a buyer, I never bought a tengu because of the cost of the hull then the buy of the sub systems, just seemed unattractive, along with the tax, etc, etc, but since the hull cost me nothing it was worth buying the sub systems.

I figured most people once they win with a single node will spend isk getting the parts they need because you know why not.

There’s also brand loyalty, if you have fair traders instead of the scammers more people will deal with that person, just like Chribba is easily recognized because he has built his brand.

Such people are a tiny, tiny part of market only. There is way too much anonymous supply of which way too many anonymous buyers buy. I am not saying that it’s not a thing, because I know it is. It’s just usually not worth the effort, as evidenced by the many people who don’t care about brand loyalty at all, because there are enough buyers around anyway.



OP, why tell everyone any market ideas you might have so that those ideas get quickly swamped.overdone?

*veracity neither guaranteed nor implied

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