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I lost all the settings on my two main characters somehow. I have settings on third a character that are fine that I’d like to copy over but can’t find the files. I’ve looked in /appdata/local/ccp/eve/…tranquilitysettings_default but all the core_char and core_user files are months old, even when I change a setting and exit to presumably create a new setting file. I have used windows search and still can/t find the new setting file.

Have you changed the settings in the meantime or moved AppData to a different location? The age of the files doesn’t really mean a lot if you haven’t changed settings.

If you want to make sure, change setting on the char that has good settings to see if the file date changes.

I haven’t moved the windows appdata folder to a different location but I might have moved the eve data folder to a different location. If that isn’t possible I didn’t. :smiley:

I tried changed a setting in the character with the good settings, then used windows search looking for a new core_user or core_char but couldn’t fine one.

Are you sure you’re looking at the right place? The “uptodate” files with the current date are in: “e_games_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility”, not in “…sisi.tranquility”, the files in there have only a default old creation date.

Got it. Good thing I didn’t rage quit lol.

Thanks for the help.

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