Uses for High-Tech Scanner

What are uses for the item High-Tech Scanner? I see that it is used in the blueprints for 3 types of analyzers. However, I only seem to get drops for two of those analyzers, so I suspect that those two are the only uses for High-Tech Scanners. The frostline analyzer doesn’t seem to drop.

The frostline BPC came from login rewards around 2020 I think. But yeah, building the faction analyzers is the purpose of High-Tech Scanners, and the reason their prices are so high, as the drop rates of High-Tech Scanners are rather low, and unlike datacores it can’t be farmed by having alts visit an NPC station every few years, either.

So you’re saying the frostline one is a one-off event, it won’t be found in regular sites, and it isn’t something that happens in an annual event? Thank you very much, I guess that means the “sustainable” usage of high tech scanners and such will be the other two storyline analyzers. And you just mention datacores can be farmed and now I’m curious.

Assuming that you have nice Minmatar Standings, since you live in Minmatar Space, talk to Heidirdria Bord in Amo V - Moon 20 - Boundless Creation Factory, he’s the best R&D agent around our area. Once talked to, he will start passively generating Research Points which you can turn into Datacores, and the number he generates depends on your standings with him. He offers you a daily mission, which you can either run or not. The mission counts towards storylines and he’s lvl4 after all, so you’ll get nice-reward storylines, and running his missions also generates extra RP and standings… which means that since the passive RP generation speed depends on standings, by running his mission you not only get some RP as a mission reward, but he will permanently be passively generating more RP thereafter.
I used to grind that agent every day for a while, went to live in galente lowsec and when I revisited him after not having seen him for a year, he had afk-generated me enough RP to score out 1k Electromagnetic Datacores … 100M isk is not that great, but for not having even entered Amo for a year, that’s not bad.

Now the trick of cause is to consult not only one agent but many, and do it with each alt that you have :wink:

Yep, only used for the combo analyzers. The low drop rate is the only thing keeping the price up. My industrial thoughts tell me it’s a waste to use them on the T1 version analyzer.

Villard wheels are kind of similar but have more BP uses.

Well the question I was asking was that it seemed to be used for 3, but I wanted to know if the “sink” of these tools were restricted to just 2 of them since the 3rd doesn’t seem to apply/

If you read the rest of his statement, he believes using it for 1/3 is useless.

As long as you been playing, and instead of referring to your corp you come here instead, you should realize theres a lot of stuff thats been added but has no relevance to current gameplay.

Primae is a great example. Given out for PI but is not used anymore nor sold, but can still be found in game

But the original post wasn’t asking about if it was worthwhile to use it on a certain analyzer, I was asking if there were multiple continuous use cases for them and I wanted to exclude uses that were limited and do not spawn. So if there are 3 uses, 1 of which doesn’t drop BPCs anymore, 1 of which drops but isn’t worthwhile, and 1 of which does drop and is worthwhile the answer would still be two continuous uses.

If you take 30 random players who spend a lot of time in small gang PVP and not much production, the industry knowledge is going to be limited.

And if you claim what I’m asking for is about modules that are no longer relevant, there is even a smaller chance someone knows the answer since content that exists in the game but has no relevance, then not too many people would know about it. So if what you claim is true, it wouldn’t be surprising if the answer I got when I asked was “I don’t know” and had to make a post to get any answers.

Honestly I wouldn’t bother with research agents. For instance, if you max standings and skills for Electromagnetic Physics, you get 100k ISK a day. Real income will likely be lower since you probably don’t have perfect skills/standings. If you want to run more per character, it’ll take about 3 months to pay off the skillbook. I guess if you leave it going for years it stacks up to a little bit, but honestly I think you’d get better return on investment/effort for running PI at the longest possible cycle and having a bunch of storage.

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