Uses for PLEX

Right now, the main usage of PLEX is for 30 day omega, MPTC and extractors. The reason PLEX was split from 1 to 500 was to make it more flexible, but right now there’s not a lot of things to spend it on.
Character transfers with 1000 PLEX are also a thing, but a lot of people still don’t know about it.
The help desk article never mentions that you can transfer characters using 1000 PLEX and sending a support ticket. When I was attempting to do my first character transfer with PLEX, I didn’t realize this feature myself and almost gave up and biomassed my 5m SP farm alts. Transfering with PLEX needs to actually be on the support articles and the account management page.

PLEX should also have more uses such as attribute remaps. Right now, we’re limited to once a year plus the initial two as bonuses, but why not give PLEX more uses? People would benefit greatly from more remaps, and we already have injectors.

Did you know that reason for spliting plex was to get rid of Arum, the new eden store credit system, plex replaced it. If you have not visited new eden store, you can do it in-game from your neocom menu. Its the place where all the skins and cosmetic items are sold for plex.

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