Ushra’Kahn Incursion in Floseswin High Orbit Repelled by Amarr Militia Titan Fleet

And I who thought you were smarter than that. You truely dissapoint me Lady Yassavi. Do you truely wish to tarnish your name, your family, and your order by supporting this farce? You have more to lose than those troublemakers. So salvage what you still can.

Which tribe is it that considers you one of their own? After the Cartel, the Khanid… decorating the arm of someone who ought to know better, there are a lot of coats in your wardrobe Ms Raske.


The supercapital contingent was largely of my family and my order; whatever their flaws, it is proper that I stand now, with those who supported me then.

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It is not quite as popular in real life as it is in holovids or saga plays for a clan to cast someone out; even rarer for someone to lose a tribe membership once they’ve gained it. More usual it is that we take the attitude that the criminals among us are our criminals to deal with.

Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum,

I am deeply humbled (indeed, awed) by the confidence and favour our Lord Sarum and his court have shown through your comments here. I am evermore thankful for all that has been bestowed upon my lady and family for our service, and am ever faithful to the duties and responsibilities that come with the title and status graciously bestowed by Lord Merimeth Sarum, peace be upon him. I will not betray the blessings the House of Sarum have bestowed upon us, and shall honour them along with our Empire and God with my every breath.

Divine Commodore @Mikal_Vektor ,

I accept your apologies, and issue my own for the offense I may have caused with my actions and flippancy with which I responded to your concerns here. At the time I did not realize the gravity with which you saw the matter, and shall address it fully, here.

As the Lord Qatib graciously explained on my behalf, we Amarr take our responsibilities to the wayward children of humanity seriously. This means taking the tenants of the Reclaiming seriously, and in matters of warfare with the heathen civilizations of the cluster, it means granting the mercy of life when the enemy are rendered incapable of fighting. The souls of the “freedom fighters” left within the wreckage of the Fenrir you downed over Floseswin IV fell under the purview of the Reclaiming, and specifically the Codes of Righteous Warfare, first laid out by the first Emperor of Amarr, Amash-Akura. Thus, I acted in accordance with those sacred laws and rescued them from the cruel fate of slowly running out of atmosphere within the ruined husk of a heathen ship.

The House Newelle guard aboard the Joyus Reclamation citadel have questioned a sizeable selection of the 9,869 fighters and have come to the conclusion that this group are indeed legitimate enemies of the Empire, and were fully under the impression that they were being given the opportunity to fight Amarr in the ongoing war for Floseswin IV. Their purported point of origin seems to be docks of Hek, where many such fighters linger in the hopes of being picked up and transported to a hotzone by a passing capsuleer sympathetic to their cause. I presume the 131 that are unaccounted for either escaped on life pods, were recovered by another pilot, or were blown out into space between the time of the ship’s destruction and my arrival with my Prorator. For now the survivors have been transported to the 24th Imperial Crusade station in Kamela, on the border of Imperial highsec, as the ramifications of the fighters’ actions and their current status under Imperial and international law are being determined. In the meantime, I declare my intent to contract them to @Olacar_xer_Sarum and the House of Sarum as a tithe of servants to the House and Empire unless otherwise directed. This will be done within the week. May God grant mercy upon their souls, and may they grow from their service.

As we continue to fight together, as brothers-in-arms on this often nonsensically cruel front, we would both do well to remember that we must not become the monsters we fight. I am concerned with the state of your spirit at times, Mikal, and I pray for the sake of every life within this warzone that you may find compassion for both your allies and your enemies. Earnestly, I offer my friendship and aid if you should choose to accept it. May we bring light, rather than darkness to this cold galaxy, as God Itself has mandated to we lowly mortals.

With my address to my betters and allies done, I now direct my words to the detractors to Commodore Vektor.

There has been much ado made about this being an unsanctioned operation by the Ushra’khan alliance, under which banner the Fenrir pilot briefly flew. There has also been much fuss made over this perhaps being an entirely contrived bungle, being a false flag orchestrated by another party. I do not deny this possibility. I also am fully aware that it is only one possibility out of many.

I question how much this supposition matters in the face of the circumstances that are known. I have not gleaned any more information from questioning the terrorists in captivity, other than they are true to their designation on the kill’s manifest. They are enemies of the Empire. They tried to get to Floseswin IV. They were intercepted. By the grace of God (or the exceptional skill, forward-thinking and perhaps even compassion of a certain pilot) somehow, their transport ship was hit by the Judgement of an Avatar-class titan and every one of them survived. Examining the wreck, it seems the pilot targeted only the engine block of the ship, vaporizing the reactor before it could even overload, also allowing the majority of the freighter’s crew to escape. Truth be told, I am impressed by the minimal loss of life resulting from the incident, and may call it a small miracle if this was not intended, despite Commodore Vektor’s harsh intent expressed after the fact. So, for a false-flag operation, it is one of the most harmless in cost of lives I have seen. The primary victim, it seems, has been the pride of Ushra’kahn, who’s murder I cannot see as a crime.

I pray all parties are satisfied with my words. I do apologize for waiting so long to issue them; there were many angles to this situation and I wished to have as many covered as possible before making another statement lest it result in another unfortunate conflagration between erstwhile allies.

Mikal, that offer for coffee still stands.
Ushra’khan, better luck next time.

Long live the Empress. Victory to Holy Amarr.

Lord Consort Aldrith Shutaq-Newelle

Paladin Ordinary of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade
The Saruwaraz


I don’t see Ushra’Khan’s pride being very hurt, to be honest. They are sad about the lost freedom fighters, but as this was not their operation, only someone using their name unauthorized, it’s not they who need better luck “next time”. And to be quite honest the rookie pilot involved don’t need Lady Luck either; he needs to grow some common sense.

It seems to me the primary loss belongs to the hotheads on board, followed then by the so far unknown owner of the dead freighter.


While your hashtag suggests you know something of his lying, based on evidence I’ve seen so far this Irnolf might have been acting in completely genuine good faith.

The (so far unknown) freighter owner might also plausibly be Minmatar - though we cannot discount the possibility that whoever handed the freighter to the rookie did not in fact act in good faith.

All I’m saying is that nothing of what’s come to light so far makes this a Ushra’Khan operation, as it looks like the freighter very much was not theirs in anything other than the still wet ink on the alliance line of the controlling pilot’s license, and the pilot, barely having joined them, acted without any contact or co-operation with U’K.


Oh, and in case this is not clear: I am not Ushra’Khan either, so in the end it is neither here nor there for me; I was just curious about the events that seemed a little bit of an interesting mystery. It’s not every day someone completely out of the blue attempts a landing on the warzone and is met with titans, and I felt the simplest explanations are probably all false.

But as it stands, I think I’ll take some of my own PR advice and bow out here. Something like half of the rules probably apply.

I regret to say that the only one of your rules I see you breaking here is rule 8.

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We found Irnolf Sirober to be in communication with, at the time, an unknown contact through monitored comm channels a full five days before Irnolf Sirober revealed their true colors and true allegiance.

In the days after this determination investigations were prepared, interviews scheduled and plans laid to find out who had sought to place Irnolf Sirober in Hoplite Brigade and for what purpose.

Alas, before we could even start conducting interviews Irnolf Sirober had already shown their true color as an Amarrian agent by taking a tiny contingent of 10.000 bamboozeld freedom fighters into the arms of the Amarr for the express purpose of murdering them. Their youth and inexperience at public relations and clandestine operations showing in their lack of skill to even execute the freedom fighters as was so bluntly planned by the delusional members of house Yassavi and the silly Galentean turncoat Mikal “Emperor of all of Amarr militia until someone says otherwise so I have to heel like a good second rate flunkie” Vektor.

Irnolf Sirober took these freedom fighters in a Fenrir, where literally ANY other ship would have been a wiser choice unless your aim is to be blown up. This further indicated their malicious intent and inexperience in truly hiding intent. So Irnolf Sirober is not only a traitor to the Minmatar, but a bad one at that.

To clarify the lacklustre Amarr PR attempt further, a Fenrir can hold as many as 217.500 freedom fighters for even the lowest skilled capsuleer that can actually undock in one, and the times Ushra’Khan flew freedom fighters to Floseswin, they were packed to the rafters, itching to fight, properly escorted and safeguarded during their most vulnerable transit. To do anything less is unworthy of the risk our freedom fighters take.

And Ushra’Khan did indeed land an undisclosed number of freedom fighters on Floseswin IV…but this was done months ago when we held the system for 4 days. And those transports went undetected and packed to the rafters. Not a single freedom fighter was lost in transit and most of them survive to this day to fight for the planet. For security reasons we cannot disclose how many transports of what sort were used at the time, since this would give an indication of fighting power still very much available to our valiant forces on the ground. I am at liberty to say 10.000 more or less would be like a drop in an ocean of freedom fighters.

Furthermore, the incessant clamoring for “proof” that Irnolf Sirober is indeed the Amarr plant we say they are are thinly veiled attempts to unmask our deep cover operatives carefully embedded in the bosom of “Local is Primary” and in the heart of the Yassavi family. We will not be revealing any of our sources but we have many, some of them making merry with Mikal “I am a professional spy, see me infiltrate open to all militia channels” Vektor on comms on the regular.

Lastly, the video shared by Mikal “I color the universe as I want it to be by chewing crayons and then spitting it out all over every comm channel available to me” Vektor had clearly been doctored in the most atrocious manner. The battle report associated with the alleged exchange shows that the shared video is of a different engagement then the one in which the Fenrir actually blew up.

The discrepancies between the footage and the actual report are clear as day and highlight that nothing is beneath the self proclaimed “Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces” to play pretend. Multiple ships not showing up on reports that are clearly visible as engaging in hostile action on the video tell a tale of massive manipulation and doctored imagery done poorly. The shared footage was so clearly made in a simulation I would have never dared share such shoddy work. But sharing the actual footage of the engagement was not an option available either since it proved to be so underwhelming that it was deemed unusable for the PR propose it was intended for.

We sisi through your machinations and declare them lacking.


Hm… implying they were using the Singularity simulation Framework maintained by Upwell Consortium for the production of the video? That’d make some sense, considering the mismatch of battle report, and videography.

Ponder that sentence for a while; if you remain happy with your methodology, by all means.

We have no capitals to speak of and it was all a ghastly fabrication.

Greetings primitive,

You certainly seem to have some spunk today. If only this newfound confidence would allow you to discover the courage to slither from whatever crevice you currently inhabit to meet our fleets in combat, we could be having this conversation face to face on my flagship, perhaps with the assistance of a Holy Star that I keep specifically for members of UK. It is most satisfying to see the device in action.

While I must say that I’m impressed by the coherence of your argument (quite inordinate for a member of your alliance), I have dispensed with most of your points already. I will however address two:

  1. I present myself as the Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces because I am the Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces. You and others seem to think I have curiously appended this title to my communique in jest. It is not. Titles reflect deeds - and unlike so many seemingly self-appointed holders at court that seem to accumulate titles to their names faster than minmatar hulls accumulate rust, you will find that my title actually reflects the true state of things. If an Amarrmil FC feels that I my claim is egregious, or that the title is rightfully theirs, I’m sure they would say so, as this forum is quite public. Any such person would no doubt rather make the claim of their own accord rather than have words of insinuation seep from one so unworthy of discussing the matter.

  2. That the satellite surveillance does not capture the totality of vessels credited with eviscerating your alliance’s freighter is hardly surprising. Indeed, given the record of loss that you yourself reference, one has to wonder how my cyberwarfare division managed to fabricate and disseminate the public record. Surely such an accomplishment would constitute an astounding

and as Mizhir correctly points out, we haven’t made any claims to that. Indeed the most parsimonious explanation is that the freighter encountered my forces even before taking up orbit around the planet. Indeed, reports (prepared at my request) from Ahekki Mangeiri and Stamunn Padecain confirm this. You are of course, free to believe what you like. I suppose one might make similar claims of fabrication regarding the bombardment of Arzad II. Given the scale of the bombardment, I doubt that recordings from any one system captured images containing the totality of Imperial vessels that we contend to have participated. Nevertheless, you are free to attempt to land on the planet and see the results for yourself. I’m sure that given our apparent history of deception, you will find many Starkmanir eagerly waiting to meet you in their still flourishing settlements there.

With regard to your novel but hardly sophisticated observation that:

It is hardly surprising that you lack the technical knowledge necessary to properly interpret the report given your lack of combat experience and complete lack of training by your alliance (which we can clearly see has virtually no standards by your own account, given the apparent obviousness of the infiltration). For ships to show in a combat log, dear Kaver, those ships must kill something. The freighter took fire primarily from Apocalypse Navy Issues before being converted to plasma by judgement. As you can see clearly on the video, the other capitals targeted their assigned target (a practice you unsurprisingly have difficulty understanding, given my experience in fighting your fleets), being the Hel. It fled, as minmatar vessels are prone to do. As much as I do thoroughly enjoy these didactic duties Kaver, I have other more pressing matters to attend to.

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When ships are not destroyed, battle reports are often missing combatants. That’s why a lot of the fights we have with the Minmatar Milita appear so one sided, we slaughter your ships and you barely touch our fleets.

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You calling someone ‘just another footsoldier in the warzone grinder’ made my day.

DnG just loves showing off their ignorance, don’t they?


Please indulge me with your reasoning.

Okay we’re back, now what?


Great performance this year. Congratulations

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