Using A 16 Year Old Modem/Router In 2023

My eleven year old modem/router finally gave up the ghost so I started looking for some of my old spare modems and found one that still works.
This Actiontec M1000 is 16 years old and is still able to interface with my ISP. In fact I am still able to get the exact same speeds with this modem that I was able to get with my previous one.
My ISP is so terrible and behind the times that there is no real benefit in using a modern modem over a 16 year old one.

Only in America… A third world country pretending it is first world.


I think there are newer security protocols WPA2 and WPA3 which keep wifi networks secure, older routers will have WPA and WEP security protocols which are now obselete, anyone still using them may not have a secure router.

It’s now possible for a wifi connection to have even faster speeds than some cable connections (Router to Laptop/PC)

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Good to know but I don’t use wifi, I live alone and the router is right next to my computer so I always use an ethernet connection. One of the first things I do when setting up a router is to completely disable the wifi.


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