Using a one-click to do double-click, is it a MACRO?

" f. A player has created, distributed or advertised an illegal 3rd party program (i.e. macro or cheat program) that disrupts game mechanics, is considered unfriendly or gives an unfair advantage by misusing game features in a way for which they were not intended. "

Reading this rule, i cant find that double click can disrupt the game. I also cant find double clicking to be unfriendly, the opposite, to be forced to double click is idd cruel and unfriendly in it self. It cant be seen as unfair advantage or miss use of game features.

Why is this rule written in this way? isn’t it better to just write “No use of any MACRO”.

" b. Is discovered to be employing the use of a third party program to macro illegally. Funds or goods received from the benefits of macroing are subject to removal from the player’s inventory. "

Also here, what is legal ways of using Macro? If there is illegal ways of using Macro then there must be legal way of using macro.

To be clear, i am not using ANY kind of Macro, but would like to make one mouse click to do a double click.

Also i have made a ticked were i asked if double click macro is illegal or not and if it is illegal, we could have a civilized conversation about the macro rules in a open democratic forum. Hopefully millions of people will join this discussion and we can come to the conclusion that macroing double click should be legal.

Use a support ticket. Posting something like that here is just going to incite drama.


i just had my morning coffee and a very relaxing weekend, right now i feel a mild level of drama is appropriate.

Cowabunga it is, then…

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i approve this message.

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This is no democracy here. They should totally ban you for even thinking about this cheat.

No input automation.

Used my keyboard to create F1+F2 etc and assigned them to keyboard G keys(18 G keys).
Purpose of it was to pilot 8 rep loki to turn its 8 rep to 4 so I dont brake my keyboard.
Another benefit is you can “fit” eve on one side of keyboard completely.
It did make use of that loki fun instead of significant fingers breaking shore.
I consider this kinda of use very similar to weapon grouping and it doesn’t broadcast said commands to other clients.

The “only” legal way of using macros is by having it press any combination of CTRL, ALT and/or SHIFT + Key.

EULA is phrase the way it is because you are only allowed to do 1 action per key press.

Think this sort of use might be pushing the boundary of the EULA, weapon systems may be one thing, but utility, RR and others may not as they cannot be group’d by client without the use of macros and as such they would give you an advantage (however small it may be).

I would say its not allowed, why risk all your accounts and time you spent playing it, when someone bans you and all appeals get denied because… because. You can thank me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but there are some devices that come with default macro buttons like doubleclicks and 3xfire…


You are choosing to use those macros - its not forced upon you.

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A joke in it self if you dont single key bind those you are asking for trouble in a 1s server tick game.mine drone launch is num pad 9 key ,back to drone bay num pad 8,attack to num pad 7 than those are binded to G4/5/6.
Just for convenience of having eve on one side alltogether.

Agreed it’s not clear cut I would say advantage is massive because you dont have to play idiot on a keyboard and are having fun instead.
Any performance gain in negligible because you binded two keys together in a 1s server tick game all you need to do is click that macro in a “wrong” time for only 4 out of your 8 reps to go active and do complete mess requiring you to use your mice to fix it.
Because pressing macro key again just kills 4 reps and activates 4 that didn’t react in 1st place.
In my case use was niche and far from bulletproof.

While not forced choosing not to be a caveman is hardly non logical thing to do.

So I’ll just download this program that lets we one click - warp + fire my 18 catalyst alts - that’s the logical thing to do isn’t it…

oh, wait … hi CODE…


Macros aren’t same as input broadcasting macros alone wont get you there.

Macros can be used for input broadcasting…

Yes fine line is boxer isn’t banned input broadcasting part is.

You go ahead and carry on using macros, one day you may find you can’t log in any more (although highly unlikely).

And damn, I wish it wasn’t open.

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