Using Alts to "Win" a Fight

Somebody brining alts to a fight has to split attention. Bring a friend


Once upon a time we had off grid fleet boosting alts. They were complained about a lot, the most actually, and I don’t recall anyone complaining about a situation like you do. I tend to rather believe that this is just you and you are exaggerating.

Your post screams “angry” and thus there’s no point even trying talking to you.

And as there is nothing anyone can do about this, at all, 100%,
it’s a waste of time conversing about it.


Of course Eve is in need of a massive overhaul if it wants to become a good game.

PvP in Eve is nonsense.

Nice thread Jayden.


If you get a fair fight

Either you fight with friends
Or the opponent was disconnected :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to leave at any time…

The Wii has a lot of no-violence family games you might like.


The likelihood of Natocha being an LSG alt is at around 75% for now.


“Good fights” are ambiguous, for me a GF is when I win, or die in an actual fight.

Long running statement in EVE; if it’s a fair fight, somebody screwed up.


Triglavian Arenas were basically created for this purpose. Unfortunately they are tied to hard PvE content so the fight requires expensive and tailored ships. Hoping some day they alter that.

Why should they?

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No, EVE is about winning at any cost. Less “Knights in Shining Armor” more “Thugs, Sociopaths, Scmmers”




personally I would use an ECM alt. Because it hurts the loser more. Cuz they dont get to shoot back.

In a recent unbelievably ignorant change, the person targeted by ECM can now target the person using ECM.

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Sounds like a great way to make sure no one flies ECM ships anymore.

I think “winning with alts” has become so commonplace that it’s more or less accepted now. I’m not afraid of challenging the status quo tho, and I love a good debate. Thanks for your “contribution” haha


Do you have proof of this though? How “commonplace” are you claiming this activity to be?

Commonplace enough that it’s safe to assume if you engage a target others will join. Abyss PvP is the only sure 1 v 1.

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You could be trolling… idk. I thought about writing a response, but the truth is if you have to ask, then you probably wouldn’t understand. It’s a maturity thing. A pride thing. If you need two accounts to beat their one account, as far as I’m concerned you’re admitting you’re only 50% as good as they are so you need double the help. Is there another explanation? Haha I have two accounts and you don’t so I win. My 7 year old nephew would agree with you haha

If I solo someone, and it’s a close fight, it’s the funnest thing in the game.
If I solo someone, and I get annihilated, it was still fun, and I should probably take notes and get better.
If I solo someone, bring two alts in and blow them to kingdom come… all right… I “won” by being a dick. I can see that being fun I guess. But its not my style tbh. Everybody’s different. I just know that if EVERYONE did this… well, i’ll let you figure that out for yourself.


Tried it. The big things I ran into is logi and bumping alts. I can see why EVE is so hard for new people to get into. The mechanics allow for some pretty sketchy things to happen, making “dishonorable conduct” EXTREMELY rewarding. scamming, corp thefts, ganking, RMT, the list is long. I’m not complaining. I love this game to death. But it is ruthless. And fun to talk about.

Hands down best contribution to this discussion I’ve seen yet. Sums up my “expectations” and what the “reality” really is.