Is it even worth it?

Hello everyone,

I have been playing EVE online for two years now. I have been taking long breaks so it has not been continuous. The reason why i just leave after one or two months of playing is the “alpha effect”. I know, there have been thousands of topics already on this. But i feel like sharing because by motivation to play is again very low. Don’t get me wrong, i love EVE as much as any of you, that is why i keep insisting on coming back.

The “alpha effect” is explained by the fact that any player with alts ( by alts i include everything but the three characters in the main account) will have a massive advantage over single-account players. No matter the context, a player that uses alts is by fair more successful in every aspect of EVE.

Many friends of mine have told me " you can finance alts with skill extractors". I have told them that skill extractors are another type of problem largely inflamed by alting. Others have said that " the only way to compete against alters is to become an alter themselves". I even have had some say that “i’m just poor in real life and such can’t afford” ( which really is not the case).

The social aspect of EVE online is also very strange now. Yesterday there were 40k players online but by players we mean accounts. How many real players are there in EVE? I try to know the people in the system or region that i live and the amount of times that i have found to be talking with alts is huge, if not, the most common.
With that said, i have more questions to you guys than any affirmations. I’m not taking any ground here. I’m literally trying to figure out all of this.

1- If alting gives a massive advantage to a player and alting can be done soly by using real money, isn’t EVE online “pay to win?”

2- What is the last known position of CPP about this? I’m sure they make tons of money with alts but still, have they showned any desire to make changes?

3- Is there a limit to the amount of alts a player can i have? My corp’s members in general have around 5-10 each. I heard that some people have 30. Those that happens?

4- I have not been a very active PVPer although i’m studying fits. Is alting also a issue during fights?

5- Did i get EVE online wrong? Is alting just the way to properly play EVE?

6- The last one, is it worth it for a single account player? If yes, by doing what kind of stuff? Because in everything have tried, i have felt limited and overscaled by players with alts.

I hope you understand that i’m not attacking anyone. I’m trying to be as honest and analytical as possible. After all, is my time and money that i’m spending in EVE. I just wanna make sure i’m making the right choice.

Safe flights!


No, you’re completely right, it’s not worth.
You should leave and go play a different game that you enjoy more.

First off, that’s a big “if”.
Second, no.

First, it’s CCP, not CPP.
And they encourage alts.

There are no limits. I’ve heard of stories of certain individuals renting out servers in order to operate 50+ cloaky camping alts.

It’s not really.

Did you get EVE Online wrong? Yeah. Very wrong.
Is alting the way to properly play? No.

It is.

That’s really up to you, welcome to a sandbox.

Then try things that aren’t limited / overscaled by alts?


1- Can you describe some disadvantages of alting?

5- Since i got it wrong, could you give me your view on what is EVE and how it should be played? What should i have expected from the game?

And thanks for your honesty, i unsubscribed. That should keep me from coming back.

Split attention, slow response times.
The heightened skill requirement and investment necessary.

It’s a sandbox. It’s what you make of it.
If you want your entire sandbox experience to be “being jealous of other people who have alts”, that’s your perogative.

See ya, you won’t be missed.


Make plans and focus on them buddy, not on what others do.


Another example of how toxic behavior, like the one displayed by Scoots McHoots, is driving players away from the game.

Players do not want to experience challenges in a video game. It should be banned.


When i started Eve was 12 and people were telling me the same crap back then. I’m glad i haven’t listened their stupid advices.


People who do not want to experience challenges in a video game shouldn’t play Eve.

  1. No. No matter how many alts you have, you cannot gain access to anything that cannot be gained by someone without alts. You can make more isk/hour but that isk doesn’t get you anything special.

  2. The only position CCP have on have on alts is that you must not log in with more than one account at a time when using Alphas. But you can still have multiple alpha accounts.

  3. No.

  4. No. And anyone who can effectively PvP with several characters at once has some very decent multi-tasking skills. The vast majority of people who try to do it are slow and easy kills. There was a guy that multi-boxed incursions on his own and made an absolute fortune. Then he tried to multi-box in the alliance tournament for fun and got hammered.

  5. Having multiple accounts improves isk/hour in a lot of cases, allows you to train more than one character at a time and improves your quality of life (hauling when you only have one account is boring and consumes time that could be spent doing something else). But if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to. You are not missing any core gameplay by sticking with one account.

  6. The only thing i’d say wasn’t worth it on a single account is mining.

Otherwise you can earn decent isk doing missions/exploration/abyss space/FW completely on your own. And of course you can do solo PvP. Or you can join others in a fleet and do higher level pve or group pvp/FW. And whilst you’re doing all this you can do trading, industry and PI at the same time without the need for more than one account.

So if the game to you is mining, then no i’d say its not worth it. But everything else in the game can be done on one account.

I started the game with two accounts because i wanted a specialised industry character and a specialised combat character and multi-character training on one account wasn’t a thing back then. The only reason i have multiple omega accounts now is to make lazy isk like mining and PI. I could make more isk/hour running missions or abyss sites with one account but after 8 years i was so ■■■■■■■ tired of shooting NPC’s i’d rather chew on bricks than rely on ratting as an income.

You don’t need to have multiple accounts or to multi-box to play the game. Just don’t mine for your living and wherever possible make friends and keep networking.

And get into PvP. It’s really where this game is at.


GTFO you toxic POS.


The silent majority tells you otherwise.

People just want to farm without interacting with other people. That is the target audience. That is where the money is.

In fact, CCP needs to implement proper space simulation and cockpit physics. There is nothing better than the feeling of your shuttle go vroom vroom. Star Citizen already have these basic things, what a ripoff this eve is.

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Then go help SC dev team instead of losing you time with that game that you hate so much. Be useful for once.


star citizen…the eternal alpha game that evryone talk…for some reason


To be honest, try a bit with alpha status, it’s free and you might even enjoin go casualy in lw and kill someone with a cheap and fun ship

Star Citizen is doing fine. It is eve online that is on the brink of death and needs help.

Another obvious, yet positive change, should be the implementation of weekly raids. Clearly this mechanic is extremely successful, given the popularity of World of Warcraft.

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tell me your secrets :slight_smile:

buy low sell high i see

So are you calling Mevatla a “lying fuckwit”? How rude!

Can I have your stuff?

Or you are to dumb to see how to make money with trade.