Is it even worth it?

Let me try to answer those questions for you:

  1. Whether EVE is pay to win or not is enough to fill it’s own thread. In my opinion EVE is a subscription-based game with pay-to-skip-grind elements. You can multibox multiple Omega accounts without paying a penny or fly a single ship full of bling bought with plex, or anything in between to ‘win’ EVE, whatever ‘winning’ means in this context. I won’t go any further into that discussion here as it would derail your other questions.

  2. CCP allows multiboxing of Omega accounts. I haven’t seen any changes in that rule, so I can only assume that the position of CCP has not changed there.

  3. The only limit is your dedication. I have one Omega account and two Alpha accounts for some extra characters, but some players (expecially when brain farming was profitable) had hundreds if not more. I don’t think a brain farm on itself is profitable anymore and neither do we get much value out of having extra Alpha accounts with characters that we do not use to fly, now that login rewards for Alphas are worthless or directly applied.

  4. Alts are used in fights. PvP in EVE iseasier if you have friends and for the people who do not want to rely on friends, alts are a possible replacement. So yes, it may be an issue in some situations.

  5. No, you did not get EVE online wrong. Alting is not necessary.

  6. Yes, having a single account is worth it.

I personally do not like multiboxing and I don’t plan on having more than one Omega account running. That means I have access to 3 Omega characters (useful for a PI setup!) and no access to alts to help me while I’m in space. While I do have Alpha accounts (for an out-of-corp high sec hauler and some high sec war shenenigans) I do not see those accounts as necessary.
With this restriction of one Omega for myself I know I won’t ever fly capital ships, won’t fly my own boosted mining fleet and won’t be able to fly a bait ship on one alt while sitting next to it in my cloaky to pounce upon any attackers. Nonetheless, I have a lot of fun in EVE flying in fleets in null.

Playing without alts will make certain things tough or impossible to do, but you can just skip those activities! As long as you have a fun corp with other players to fly with, you don’t necessarily need alts.


How many PLEX are bought and sold every day in New Eden? Injectors? Extractors? Multiple training queues?

Really hard to make ISK, when every time I undock someone kills me.

I tried to get into PLEX trading, but seems like people cannot leave my hauler alone, whenever I transport PLEX from one station to another. My ship cannot even fight back, it is way unfair of an advantage.

All this would be so much easier, if all space was just safe. It is a game after all. I should not look over my shoulder whenever I try to interact with the game mechanics!

Been here for 12 years on this toon. Woke up recently and realized that I can keep adapting to changes that chip away at my enjoyment of the game, or I can accept that it’s all about amassing a bunch of fake wealth, which is utterly pointless, and leave.

Hat tip to CCP for providing a way to convert what I collected over the years into a real-world chartiable contribution. I wish I would’ve done it sooner.



I used to multibox several alts for all sorts of things. But I got rid of them all about 2 years ago and have been on 1 Character on 1 Account since then. It’s so much more relaxing and enjoyable to not deal with all that mess.

EVE Online feels like something I can just enjoy, rather than treating it like a “job” where I’m micromanaging 6+ alts like a micro intensive game of Starcraft.


Exactly… What is the point of amassing wealth, when it can all be taken away from us by some maniacs, that cannot leave a defenseless hauler alone.

CCP losing customers by the day.

Maybe EVE was about amassing fake wealth for you, for me I’m amassing that wealth to pay for ships that I can lose in fun explosions! (Also to pay for my injector addiction, but I recently got >50m SP so I’m over that. I hope.)

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I think one of the best ways to level the playing field a bit for single-Omega users is to make a slight tweak to the Alpha login restriction policy. Presently, the policy is you can log in with exactly one Alpha and zero Omegas, or zero Alphas and one or more Omegas; I suggest the policy be revised to “at most one Alpha”, meaning that single-Omega players will always be able to have a free second account they can play concurrently with (without violating TOS), but that account would be an Alpha instead of an Omega. This increases the gameplay value of single-Omega account players and helps bridge the gap between them and multi-sub Omegaplayers (esp when it comes to thinks like scouting, transporting, etc), without bridging the gap so much so as to diminish the competitive advantage multi-sub Omega players are in fact supposed to have over single-sub Omega players.


Think whatever you want dude, i know where my isk come from.

Thats wrong, you can part finance an account with selling injectors though prices fluctuate; stopped reading there.

No, just no.

Omega players are PAYING accounts and therefore deserve any added bonuses from running secondary or tertiary omega accounts.

get ta feck with free accounts being on a level playing field; want level, they can pay like the rest of us.

You are too stupid to figure out what a 1.5% marging of 100Bil represent. Have a nice life in the sewers.

You do realize you’re the one that can’t spell “margin,” right?

It does take away meaning of achievements. It’s work to manage. You have to finance the alt accounts.

It’s a game, your game, you set your goals and you shouldn’t define your own success by others. Playing without alts gives you focus, and if you need a second pair of hands you can find a likeminded player to team up.


Trust another player? In EVE? That’s crazy talk.


Strange the only people I can trust are the ones who gank new pilots.

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I didn’t talk about trust. Don’t but massive assets on the table and you don’t need trust. :wink:

Sorry dude, 2nd laguage…

Haha, good one. :smiley:

(But for anyone who doesn’t trust others in EVE, find a nice corporation! Easy to find likeminded people there to team up with.)

I’ve been trading since 2015, i won’t tell you how i buy but i sell them by batches of 1K, one by one. That was 30 or so orders today… and it didn’t took long to get rid of them.

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