Using SOE ships for killing and maming

(Wolfe Loderun) #1

Just wondering what the justification might be for using SOE ships to do evil. I just learned they are a faction trying to do good in New Eden. Now I feel bad for getting blood on their hulls.

(Sterling Blades) #2

They may play the goodie two-shoes faction, but I don’t think they’re as 100% benign as they like to portray themselves. Besides, in-game you’re a capsuleer, you don’t have to follow a specific morality to fly certain ships.

(Teinyhr) #3

Sisters of EVE is for lack for a better equivalent, like the Salvation Army, except they do also have an actual standing army and aren’t afraid to use force if necessary.

SoE are also not “good”, or at least you could call them morally very much in a grey area, much like any faction in EVE they have their good and bad sides. I recall reading somewhere that as they consider capsuleers a force of evil in the universe, they once plotted to kill off all the capsuleers and nearly succeeded - this might’ve been a plot in some EVE Novel, I guess, not sure where that is from but I’m sure I read it in these forums once.

(z0rberg) #4

Good and Evil are just a matter of perspective.

(CCP Falcon) #5

If you think the Sisters of EVE are a shining beacon of light, hope and humanity in New Eden, you really need to re-educate yourself :smiley:

(Elmund Egivand) #6

The Sisters of Eve are more on the lighter shade of grey.

They also think of capsuleers as a scourge towards humanity and must be purged as soon as possible.

They also have a pretty good point in that regard.

(Teinyhr) #7

But still grey…

(Nana Skalski) #8

They are! This is inconvenient for many bad people. The accusations are false and only bringed up to derail sisters good work. There are reasons why its done.

SOE ideas and morals contrast against the rest of new eden politics like SOE hulls against the blackness of the void, and that is hurting the eyes of the people who would only want to unleash darkness and lies upon the world.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #9

This post on the old forums has links to a fair bit of the lore for those interested in the Sisters of Eve.

(FearlessLittleToaster) #10

This is the grim darkness of New Eden. We all serve Khorne here. Embrace it.

(Nora Maldoran) #11

Capsuleers are the demigods of New Eden.
We do as we please.
What unworthy kind of existence gave you the idea we would need to justify our actions?
What is this “good and evil” supposed to mean anyway?

There is only perspective.

(Kenneth Endashi) #12

What are good missions to run to learn more about SoE?

(Elmund Egivand) #13

There are more nuances to grey than ‘it’s grey’.

After all, everyone, even IRL, falls somewhere within the grey spectrum. The question is which shade on the spectrum.

(Teinyhr) #14

Well, if you want to play with words, even the lighter side of grey is still dark.
While they might be the closest thing to a force of good in the EVE Universe, they still perform questionable research and I’m assuming the mentions in their ship descriptions about “special quarantine bays that are conveniently located near jettisonable openings” are more than just a one off morbid joke.
And frankly the universe of EVE is dark enough that you don’t need to do a whole lot to appear more saintly than the rest.

(Julanna Egnald) #15

Don’t forget that the founder if the SOE is the sister(?) of the leaders of one of the major pirate organizations, so there’s possibly other shady connections as well.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #16

Khorne is a wuss! Demanding blood and skulls, what a spoiled brat.

Gork and Mork for life! WAAAGH!

(Elmund Egivand) #17

You are discounting the shade of grey that is more ‘dirty white’ than ‘lighter black’. That shade’s not exactly what we call ‘dark’, is it?

And I think ‘quarantine bays located near jettisonable openings’ is just common sense design. If the disease is severe enough that it simply cannot be allowed to get anywhere close to a population centre, just jettison away instead of having to self-destruct the entire ship.

(Teinyhr) #18

Fine. Whatever.

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