Using the API as an Alpha Clone

Hello! I wish to make multiple programs for personal use such as keeping track of profits/losses in trading , etc. but as far as I can see, you need to have at least once bought either Time or Plex with irl-money. Is there no other way , or have I not looked deep enough?

I don’t know much about the API, but as far as I know you just need to create an access key from the EVE API web page, and that should be possible with an Alpha account too.

Otherwise, if you’re trying to make some sort of web-based or personal program, start with the EVE Developer Portal and dig in there for guides or instructions.

I know that everyone can create keys, but to make an application, well, I’ll just quote the site when i try to manage an application:

Your EVE Online account is not valid for the purpose of registering as a developer. While your EVE Online account may be valid for play, developer registration requires that you have paid at least once with one of our valid payment methods other than PLEX as well as verified your email address.

You can check the status of your email address by visiting Account Management. If you see a green check mark next to your email address then you have a verified email address. Otherwise verify your email address by visiting the Edit Account Information page and clicking the green verify e-mail address button.

You can add a valid form of payment to your account by visiting EVE Account Management and purchasing a PLEX or paying for a subscription in order to satisfy this requirement.

If you have another account that you believe to be valid, we recommend you log out of this account and log back in with that account.

This is why I’m asking. Probably there is no other way, but just to be sure.

If you want to work with the Eve Swagger API (ESI) then your account needs to meet certain criteria. This is for a few reasons, one of which I imagine is to prevent people from making bogus third-party dev accounts to make disruptive applications.

Regarding the requirements to register an application for the use of ESI I believe your account needs to have a verified email address and a paid subscription (at least at some point). If you don’t meet these for some reason and you are unable to do so, file a support ticket at . They should be able to put you in touch with the right people to see if there is something you are missing or something you can do. Alternatively, you could join the #tweetfleet dev slack channel and talk to people and some of the API devs there as well.

On a side note, just a friendly reminder for anyone thinking of developing applications to work with Eve’s API system use ESI; as XML and CREST will be turned off in a few months.

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