USTZ: Explo, Black Ops, Wormhole, Miner, PvP

What’s a little isk without a little risk

Deep in the heart of Imperium sov, sequestered from the prying eyes of killmail seekers and pvp griefers, a small but hearty band of pilots noodle through the dangerous and ever changing corridors of J-space and anomalies seeking the prized gases that allow our industry to produce the booster drugs that keep Imperium’s combat pilots at peak performance. Between disappearing into wormholes or acceleration gates these same pilots can be found laying in wait on some predetermined point in open space waiting for that light to be lit… beckoning them to come careening through space half a region away to drop on the unsuspecting - bringing fire and devastation in their wake upon the unwary pilot that dares to intrude upon Imperium space.

To most we are but humble miners smashing rocks in space for a few isk. But to those few in the know we are much, much more. Whether it’s covert black ops, locating and looting hidden stores of data/resources, gate camping systems with neut/red activity, or stealing resources out from under the noses of sleeping wormhole occupants, wealth by stealth - isk through risk, Dig Dug Inc follows it’s own path through the strength of secrecy and the close knit bonds between its pilots.

Do you want to enjoy the fruits of your own labors or tire endlessly making yet another blob coalition rich on the backs of pilots like you? The choice is yours. Decide.

Dig Dug Inc Discord

Fun place to be

Still hiring.

Still… hiring…

Still hiring pilots of all persuasions.

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