[USTZ] Old Player Returning w/ Alts - Industry/PVP

Howdy all! I got my start back in late '07 and have learned a lot since then, and am still learning even now. I’m a team player with experience on both ends of the command structure, with null sec, low sec and WH experience. Personally, I’m quite anti-pirate and enjoy industry and small gang warfare. I’m mature, responsible and like to contribute with material and knowledge, as well as get invested into myself. I’m friendly and dependable, and confident that I’ll jive well with most folks.

I have myself and two alts I use for mining/hauling. I’m in the market for a corp that’s high sec that does both industry and small to mid size pvp. I’ve taken part in plenty of large scale fleet action, but strongly prefer smaller arenas of battle.

If you’re in need of a carebear with teeth, I’m your guy and would be more than happy to help how I can.

Greetings, we are a small relaxed corp based in caldari hisec, we aim to help newbros the ways of eve. If you want to more info plz mail me

i see that your looking for a hi sec but if you want to come out to null please dont hesitate to send me a mail in game at IGN Lord Balis. i would love to sit down and have a convo with you

Hey dude,

If you reconsider highsec, and think moving to Syndicate could be for you, check out RDC. We’re based only a few jumps from Highsec in NPC Nullsec. Lots of work for industrialists and PVP available. Come check us out.

======Join Us======
Phocas Legacy
What we offer
==>Null sec PVP, PVE, Industry
==>Must be at least 18 years old
==>15 Mil SP minimum
==>Multiple tonns
==>Must be active, on coms, and want to pvp
==>What we offer SRP, Corp buy back on ore
and salvage, experienced Fc’s, premium systems

Join PH.L Pub ingame For recruitment

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